Homeschool at The Squishable Baby – Week 3

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already.  Where does the time go?  It feels like life is going faster and faster.

It’s scary.

Falling asleep at school

Homeschool is so much fun.  I’m a fun and dynamic teacher, aren’t I?

Oi vey!


We worked on parallel lines.  We worked on identifying parallel lines.  For example, E, M and Z have parallel lines while V, L, and T do not.  We pulled out the geo-board and made shapes with parallel lines (squares and rectangles of different sizes).

Multiplying by two.

Acting out Equal group stories and word problems.


Hadyn – We continue to write out words and phrases in cursive.  We are just banging it out for the rest of the year (through August).

Ava – I will be purchasing her cursive program soon.  For now, we worked on S’s.


Ava – We worked on the sound S makes, identification on what words start with S (based on the sound).  We worked on identification of the letter S to pictures that start with S.  Other letters and sounds were incorporated into the lessons.


We discussed the Law and the Wilderness.  We talked about

  • The grumbling and complaining of the Israelites despite all the miracles that God performed.
  • The miracles that were performed
  • The Amalekites – and how Moses and Joshua had to take up battle against them.
  • Raising the Rod and the hand
  • The 10 Commandments on Mount Sinai
  • Biblical laws vs. the Ancient laws
  • Ancient temples and how the tabernacles differed
  • What’s inside a tabernacle
  • The Golden Calf and idols.

We talked about the deserts of the Earth.  Did you know that Antarctica is the largest and coldest desert in the world?  I didn’t even realize that Antarctica was a desert.


We learned about the difference between to, two, and too

Hadyn wrote a very nice story about a pet show.  The words were spaced nicely, he put the correct punctuation in the correct spot – and all capitals were in place.  Very proud of him.

Review of things we already learned – punctuation, ABC order, capitalization.

Word of the week


Read Aloud

The perpetual Papers of the Pack of Pets by Stanley and Katrina

Why does Katrina want to be called Katrina Von Cat?  It’s a mouthful!

We’ve read how Katrina Von Cat took Stanley to a high court because Stanley liked to eat Katrina’s food.  You should read what happened when they found him guilty.  Also, you should read what happens when the owner takes out the vacuum cleaner.  It’s typical Stanley and Katrina Von Cat behavior!

Also, don’t leave the Christmas tree when you have Stanley and Katrina Von cat as your pets.  Whew!

Some work samples

work may 1

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  1. What a busy week. Thank you for reading our book!
    Ava – I once fell asleep just like that. My owners moved me onto the floor because they wanted to use the computer.
    Hadyn – Very interesting story! Hmmm… sounds familiar. May we read your story?
    Miss Squishy Lady – Why do I use my full name? Because it annoys Stanley, of course.
    ~ Katrina von Cat the Master of Wisdom & Knowledge
    Katrina von Cat the Master of Wisdom and Knowledge recently posted…Visiting the ZooMy Profile

  2. Oh my goodness. I love so much that you posted that picture of Ava asleep. I laughed out loud at your comment!
    What a great, great week you have had. Great job on writing the story, Hadyn! Great fact to share about Antarctica. I enjoyed your post very much. Have a wonderful weekend, all!
    Christine M. (Cool Mom) recently posted…Picture Book Review: Officer Buckle and Gloria, 1996 Caldecott Medal WinnerMy Profile

  3. That picture of Ava is super cute! I took violin lessons when I was Ava’s age, but I didn’t like it (I wanted to play piano). I could make myself fall asleep while my mom was tuning my violin! Then I would get out of practicing because who wakes up their sleeping kid to make them practice? Then, at some point, I outgrew that skill, and I remember feeling sad about it.
    maryanne recently posted…Organic Gardening with Kids: PlantingMy Profile

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