Homeschool at The Squishable Baby – Week 6

We have had a relaxed few weeks.

When was Memorial Day?

Yeah, I think the Friday before was when we had our last Math lesson in our homeschool.

Oh well.  Life goes on, I suppose.



Well, we have had better weeks.  Literally, I think I have been looking at the same lesson for 1.5 weeks.


Right Angles – We worked on identifying right angles.  We looked for objects in the home that had right angles.  We made shapes on the Geoboard and found the right angles.

C’est Fini, over and out, that’s all we did!


We worked on WOR words say /Wer/ as in Word and Worm

This lesson was easy for him but his printing is getting soooooo much better!  Proud of him.


We continue the copy work.  We had a talk this week about taking extra time to be very careful with his work.  He rushed through an assignment and it was really messy – and does not represent the person he is.   So, we erased the whole page and he did it again.

I tried to stress that if he  takes his time and completes his work, it actually takes less time than hearing the lecture, erasing everything, and doing it again.

I think it’s starting to sink in.

There are a few things that “Get My Goat”.

  1. Laziness
  2. Taking shortcuts

I don’t tolerate it.  I don’t have the patience.  I do not allow any of that in our school.  Period.

I don’t make him sit through endless boredom and lessons,  but he has to bring 100% effort each time – or he erases everything and he does it again.  He doesn’t have to get the right answer, but he has to do it carefully.


We are in a “loving America” Theme.

He wrote a story about something he loves about America and something beautiful he’s seen in America.  We reinforced the differences between Too/two/to, sit/sat/set, may/can, teach/learn, and Write/right.

He read some facts about the Liberty Bell and answered multiple choice questions a well as in long answer (where he had to write complete sentences with the correct punctuation).


We went to the library and got videos on Ancient Egypt, Ancient India and Ancient China.

I put in the one on Ancient Egypt.  It talked about how the Pyramids were built.  It talked about some of the Pharaohs that we spoke about in our lesson.  They talked about the slavery of the Hebrews – and the miraculous architecture of the Pyramids.

Today, we will probably break out the one on Ancient China.


Read Aloud

A young Dancer

It’s a story of a young Ailey student.  It talks about the hard work and dedication it takes to accomplish her goals.  I like this because it talks specifically about an accomplished African American.  The kids can identify with the main character.  It also talks about the hard work that must be put in to be accomplished in whatever you are doing.

Ava loves looking at the dancing picture.

Of course, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre  is a world renowned dance studio in NY city.  Only the best of the best dance for the Ailey Studio.  Alvin Ailey started this studio specifically for African Americans during a time when we could not dance for anybody else.  Since then, it’s become one of the premier studios.  Some of the best dancers have trained at the Ailey Studio.


Finally, after two months of trying to get motivated and materials together, we started our garden!

The kids Garden

We took out the grass, covered the ground with cardboard.  We put sticks in the ground so we knew not to over that part with cardboard.  This is where we will place the seeds.  After the first layer of dirt (about 2 inches) we put the seeds down and covered them with another 2 Inch layer of dirt.

Our neighbor also surprised us with a Mortgage Tomato Plant.  He helped Hadyn plant it in a big pot – and told us how to take care of it.  he said he would help us with the fertilizer – as too much nitrogen will produce a plant with tons of beautiful leaves – and no fruit.


Mortgage Plant

The story goes – there was a guy who was about to loose his house.  He made this amazing tomato plant.  He got rich and it saved his MORTGAGE

Cool, eh?

With this project, I hope the kids will see the importance of farming – and bringing your own food to the table.

Follow Fundraiser

We collected food for our follow fundraiser.  We collected over 50 cans!

Service 2

What did your kids do in school this week?


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  1. Good for you guys. Our church makes it so easy to donate to the food pantry by leaving a bag behind your car on Sundays and a little cart goes around and collects it while we are inside. You have a beautiful family. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I think my kids didn’t do nearly all that!
    Great week!
    I think giving 100% is a tough one to learn. Much easier when it is something you want to do but not everything we have to do is something we want to do I guess.
    Ann recently posted…I Spy ShadeMy Profile

    • Hey Again!

      Yes Ann, you are right. It’s really tough. Thing is that my kids are so smart, all of them. It pains me to see them give half effort. I don’t know what it is.

      I really try not to be too hard on him, and sometimes I just have to apologize. Every once in a while, he will turn to me, smile and say “Mom, you are scaring me”.


      We both bust in laughter. It’s so funny. Then, apologize and back off – just a bit.

      It’s a learning process.

      I just don’t want them to be lazy. I’m a little neurotic about that, I know.

      I’m neurotic about that, and also about the fact that my sons will play neither basketball or football. They are tall kids, and everyone wants them to play. Half of the football players can’t even speak proper English.

      No way.


      Have a great weekend Ann!
      Lisa recently posted…Homeschool at The Squishable Baby – Week 6My Profile

  3. I love your loving America theme and I can’t wait to see your garden as your vegetable come up. I really enjoy these homeschool updates.
    Mud Hut Mama recently posted…A Lion Pride Begins?My Profile

  4. Lisa,
    Congrats to starting your garden. You truly seem to make home schooling effective and use a great blend of tools to make it extra wonderful for your kids. I love the “loving America” theme.
    Kristi Campbell recently posted…Life’s turning pointsMy Profile

    • Hey Kristi,

      Thanks! You know, I have wanted to start the garden two months ago. Time goes so quickly. I do hope something grows so that they can see it through, you know?

      They might find out that they don’t like gardening, which is a valuable lesson in itself. I don’t much like it. It’s too much work. I hate backbreaking work – especially when it’s burning hot outside.

      Thanks so much for your compliments. Have a wonderful and calming weekend with your beautiful family!
      Lisa recently posted…Homeschool at The Squishable Baby – Week 6My Profile

  5. Lisa, what a great curriculum! I’m especially glad that you are teaching about Jewish slavery, which has been a reoccurring phenomena since the earliest recorded history. Sometimes I feel like human slavery never really goes away…it just re emerges in a different form. Human trafficking is today’s version, and there are poor conditions for certain ethnic groups all over Europe, including Armenians and Romani. Racism isn’t gone here either. Well, I didn’t mean to be so negative. I’m a big fan of history, including the ugly bits. I’m a hopeless optimist- I can’t help but believe eventually mankind will stop repeating its mistakes, especially with people like you who teach their children so well!
    Amy mayen recently posted…Mending Cheap Designer Clothing: A PictorialMy Profile

    • Hey Amy,

      You are absolutely right on all points. I love when you say that human trafficking is slavery in another form! You hit the nail right on the head with that one!

      As long as there are humans on this earth, there will always be racism, sexism, and whatever. For some reason, we need to put others down to make ourselves feel better. It’s insecurity.

      I don’t understand, like you, why we just go around and around in circles.

      If the mean and ugly people would just die off – but they teach their kids to be mean and ugly.


      Thanks so much for your comments!
      Lisa recently posted…Messages from Hadyn – Mario BrosMy Profile

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