The Homeschooling Dads Talk about Digital Distractions in their Homeschool

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As I was perusing the #homeschoollinkup I saw the most interesting post, that I would like to talk about today.  It was interesting in a number of ways.  First, it made me think about how we use technology in our homeschool (which we don’t much, except for ebooks).  Also we really do have a number of digital distractions during the day.  Even thought we don’t have cable, we have Roku.  I really try not to limit the things that the kids want to do, because I feel like  if kids are having fun and are happy – it makes for a better learning environment.  However, I do think we need to get learning done.

I think this hangout offered a lot of good ideas and really great perspective.  Take a look.



The second reason I really loved this hangout – is because it’s so rare that I hear from the homeschooling dad perspective.  Love seeing dads take an active role in the homeschooling experience – as it should be.


I really hope that you enjoy watching this.  It really is worth the time.  I got a lot out of it.  I think it’s a great thing for any homeschooling family to watch and enjoy.

Does your husband take an active role in homeschooling your children?  What role does he do?  How has that helped in adding to the richness of the homeschooling experience?

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