Hydroponic Herb Gardens Save Time and Money


Welcome Chris Wimmer of Heathy Smart Living.  He is a genius at maximizing his small yard in Downtown Chicago.  In the winter Chris uses small hydroponic systems to maximize his small Chicago yard and short Chicago summers.  He is working towards living a more healthy life, and blogs healthy recipes, tips, nutrition and juicing.






If you live on a tight budget, you know that grocery shopping is always a challenging balancing act.  Groceries are a big part of most families’ budget so cutting costs here can have a big impact.  However, cutting too much can be a big sacrifice and make meals pretty miserable.  We all want to provide our family’s health and delicious meals.


One strategy I use and would like to share is growing herbs in an indoor hydroponic garden. Say what???


So hydroponics in Latin means “working water”.  In other words, a garden without dirt.  You replace the dirt with an inert medium like rock wool or clay pellets.  The plants are fed nutrient rich water directly at the roots which allows the plants to grow bigger, faster, and in less space as it doesn’t need to search the dirt for nutrients.


So why is this good for an indoor herb garden?


Fresh herbs are magically little ingredients that can really elevate meals even if your family doesn’t know anything about them.  But they can be really expensive and you often only need a fraction of the $2 bunch of basil, thyme, or cilantro.


An indoor hydroponic herb garden can provide you a steady supply of herbs year round at a fraction of the cost.  You can buy or build a mini garden that is only a couple of square feet in size.


Buy or build?

The classic question…. I always try the DIY route when possible.  If you are interested I created my own DIY herb garden plans.  My condo doesn’t really have a good sunny window so I actually keep mine in an unused bathroom so I also created a really cool homemade grow light. The grow light took me 30 minutes and $10 at Home Depot.


If you aren’t a do-it-yourselfer, I would recommend a simple system like this from Amazon.



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  1. Michelle T says:

    Maybe I’ll do this…. It’s just the counter space I don’t have.
    You’re so right–fresh cilantro will make a whole meal exciting! We use a ton of basil and thyme as well….

  2. I need to do something. My fresh herbs go bad before I can use them. I live in the opposite climate, always hot! Thanks for linking up!

    Your co-host from Creative Style Linkup ~~April~~
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