If I Were A Caveman



If i were a caveman, I would be very lean and strong. I would wake-up early, probably earlier than the sun. I wouldn’t waste valuable time with breakfast and get to work right away – if I wanted to feed my family today.


I would hunt for food all day long, looking for eggs, fatty meat, fish, nuts and local berries.  I wouldn’t have access to mangoes, bananas, oranges, papaya, or the like because there are no planes, trains, trucks or internet in caveman days. I would be looking for berries that grow on bushes like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. I would also forage the forest floor for dark green lefy greens and root veggies.

I would be very fast and very smart if I wanted to survive.  I ate what incaught and catch only what my family could eat.  No preservatives or refrigeration during the paleolitihic era!


I would work hard into the day and feast at night!  If I didnt catch anything, which was more common than you’d think, we would go without and try again the next day. Sometimes, we would go several days before we got to feast.  Even though you have an over abundance of food (eat all the time, all day…everyday), in paleolitihic times our bodies sustain us during times of famine. Out bodies have the tools to use our stored fat for energy so that we can continue funtioning with energy!  I guess that is one reason we were so lean and stong.  We were not a society riddled with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


Don’t get me wrong, we had our problems.  We were hunted. We didn’t have antibiotics, advanced medical care, yearly check-ups, vaccines, or even know that we are not to eat bones, so our life expectancy was only about 25-30 years.  Many of our people died in infancy – but it was not due to the diseases that you struggle with.


Just imagine how great you could live with the tools in your toolbox, if you lived a little like we lived!  Whew!  Lucky people.


We really didnt take runs for fun, or go to a gym, or do a workout video. We ran away from predators, ran for food, climbed clifts, and trees for get nuts.  We were well exercised every single day, but thats okay because our bodies were designed for just this activity. 


If i wanted to keep my caveman style on the future, say 2017, I would probably be labeled as paleo or ketogenic. I would eat very low carbs, as we didnt have access to rice or bread – only low carbohydrate berries – and eat high in fat. Avocados, fish, fatty meats, nuts – all of those were in abundance!  All of the meat and eggs were from animals who fed on grass. No farms,  or fisherman.  Everything i found and killed was foreaging just like I am. 


Would you be interested in learning more about how you would live if you were a caveman?













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