How to Install a Baby Gate on Stairs


Homes that have stairs need baby gates installed for the safety and security of the baby. Choose the material that you are using to install the baby gate. There are various types of mounts available for the baby gates.


A few baby gate installations need the help from professionals to install them correctly. Hardware mounted baby gates are the most reliable and easy to mount at the top of the staircase. These are steps you can use to install a baby gate on the staircase.




1.   Pre installation steps


Follow the directions given in the manufacturer’s manual to start installing the baby gate. You can also check the YouTube videos to know how to install the baby gate. You can also look into Amazon reviews where a few contain the instruction for installation of the baby gate if the one that comes in the manufacturer’s manual is not clear.


Measure the length and width of the space before installing the baby gate and check if it is good for drilling holes. Also check the level of the floor before installing the baby gate.


2.   Assembly


Baby gates do not come assembled. When you take them out of the box you have to assemble them. There are also options where the baby gates will come pre-assembled. If they are not, you can follow the instructions in the manual to assemble the parts of the baby gate.


3.   Check the direction of the door


Before installing the baby gate check how the direction of the door swings. It must swing only in one direction. It must swing away from the staircase.


The baby gate that you install must stand firm on top of the staircase and no pressure must dismount the baby gate that is installed. This is because babies might put some pressure on the baby gate and it can cause injuries if the baby gate is not installed properly.


4.   Install a stud/anchor/wood


Before mounting the gate you need an option to install the stud on the wall. You can do this using the stud finder for the wall and create a mark for the stud. If you do not want to install a stud, you can use the option of installing the baby gate into the drywall.


The anchor for the drywall is provided by the manufacturer. Drill the wall only up to the length of the anchor. Double check the drill and baby proof it.


Another option is to install wood into the wall. This is the last option people choose for installing the baby gate as the people living in rented apartments are not allowed to drill holes into the walls. The baby gate that you buy comes with an installation kit so you do not have to use separate tools and accessories to install the baby gate.


If you have angular walls, wonky staircases, or surfaces that are non-drillable, you need to use professional help to drill holes in these surfaces and mount the gate. These kinds of staircases might not be an easy place to install the baby gate.


5.   Installation


The baby gate that comes assembled needs to be attached to the banister. Most of the baby gates come with a locking mechanism that holds the gate secure inside the studs and stays secure and rigid regardless of the pressure the baby applies on the gate.


You need to apply force on the baby gate to secure it properly in its place. Inspect the baby gate carefully after it is installed to ensure it does not wiggle and stays secure in its place when you open and close it.


6.   Safety tips


The plastic plugs that come with the baby gate are usually not strong enough to hold the baby gate secure in its place. These plugs cannot handle downward pressure or when the gate swings.


The best idea is to screw the gate into the wall using a chip of wood to keep it secure. You can also use a frame for the baby gate depending on the design of the gate. The holes that you make in the walls can be easily filled once you remove the baby gate.


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