Children’s Literature Review – Irie the Caterpillar


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Title:  Irie the Caterpillar

Author: Latoya Wakefield

Illustrator: Kavion Robinson

Publisher:  Bamboo Shoots Press

Publication Date:  2013

Format:  Kindle and Paperback


Learning Resources and Facts


Very Interesting – did you know that butterflies go through 4 stages before they actually turn into a butterfly?  The process can take from 2 weeks-1 year depending upon the species.

First – Eggs laying on a leaf.  The adult butterfly lays eggs on a leaf.

Second – Larve Stage – They hatch into hungry little Caterpillars.  All they do is eat, eat, eat and eat some more.  They molt (their skin comes off) as many as four times to accommodate growth.

Three – Chrysalis or Pupa Stage –  They build a cocoon around themselves and stay inside.

Four – Imago Stage – Adult butterfly!  Then, it starts over again!

To learn more about butterflies and their life cycles visit the Children’s Butterfly Site.  You will find coloring pages, teaching and learning resources and more!




Irie, a fun loving caterpillar is afraid of going in his cocoon.  A story of overcoming fear that kids can identify with, a change of life is not always easy or smooth.  #kidlit #picturebook


Irie, a free-loving and  curious young caterpillar, loves life.  His name, meaning everything will be alright, was certainly the right choice for this caterpillar.  Although, there was one thing that frightened him.  He does not like the idea of going inside of his cocoon.  His mother and grandmother, very patient with him – gently explain that sometimes things in life are inevitable (must happen). For a caterpillar, it’s turning into a beautiful butterfly.  Inevitable or not, Irie is very scared of being wrapped up in silk – all by himself.

His parents are very worried, for if he doesn’t change, he will die.  In this sweet “coming of age” story of acceptance and courage, Irie follows his own path in becoming ready for “the change”.   He learns on his own,  that growing up is not always easy.  Only when he was ready, he spins his silk, slips into his cocoon – and emerges even more beautiful and confident Irie.

Irie  helps young children who are going through changes in their lives to know – that everything will be okay.   Set in Jamaica, Irie the Caterpillar is a good addition to any library, as childhood is all about change.


You can purchase Irie the Caterpillar on in Kindle ebook or paperback.




About Latoya Wakefield


Latoya Wakefield Author of Irie the Caterpillar #kidlit #review
Writing since the fourth grade while attending primary school in Kingston, Latoya Wakefield found solace in her pen as she poured her thoughts and feelings onto paper. Ever since, she has done several works of short stories, articles and poems. She has several articles published in high school in a local paper called the Teen Herald. One day she had a dream of a happy-go-lucky caterpillar that could talk and so “Irie” was born. “Irie the Caterpillar” is her first children’s book.  You can contact Latoya on Facebook.

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  1. This looks wonderful! We love butterfly books, and we actually just finished a massive unit on their life cycle, comparing and contrasting it with that of silkworms. We got to visit a butterfly garden in Penang, Malaysia and then a silkworm farm in Cambodia. It was fantastic! This book would have added so much to our studies, and I absolutely love that it’s set in Jamaica and by a Jamaican author! Fabulous! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday! Looking forward to seeing what you have to share this week!
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