Is Shakeology a Lifestyle Cheat?

By drinking Shakeology, am I a cheat? #health #fitness #21dfx


Let Me Ask the Question in Another Way?

If one eats Weight Watchers bars, buys processed reduced calorie “diet” food from the supermarket, buys a protein powder from any store and adds fruit, etc, has bariatric surgery, takes diet pills, or relies on any other means to lose weight and get lean – are those also diet/lifestyle cheats?


What’s a Lifestyle Cheat?

Well, by relying on  processed foods, full of additives, artificial metabolic stimulants, and junk, I would say maybe you have, yes.  It depends.  By consuming that type of stuff, while your body may lose weight, it’s depending upon the junk to do it.  So once you stop – what happens?  Have you learned how to eat beyond the Weight Watchers bars?  Did you learn more about food, what it does to your body and why you are eating it?  Do you know what the “points” mean?  Are you really giving it the nutrition it needs to operate at it’s best?  Do you even know what type of food it needs to operate at it’s best?

I’m not sure if it’s a cheat more than just a crutch that is used to get around doing the hard work.


The Big Worry About Shakeology – A Personal Test

We missed our shakeology during our shakeology-free test #diet #health #21dfx


The huge worry for me when starting was, once I start, then stop – the weight is going to pile back on plus 20 lbs more.

So, I did the test.  I stopped drinking Shakeology during the most difficult “weight” time of the year – the winter?  It’s a frozen barren tundra.  It’s cold, it’s snowy, all I wanted to do is to stay in under the covers and be warm.  I didn’t drink Shakeology during the holiday season when the average American gains 7-10 lbs.

I didn’t drop my entire lifestyle.  I continued with the portioned controlled clean eating (had a few tortilla chips here and there šŸ˜ˆ  ), and 30 minutes of daily exercise.

Do what happened to the 80 lbs that I relied on Shakeology to remove?  Did they pile back on plus 20 lbs more?

No, they didn’t.  In fact, I lost a few in the process.


Why Isn’t Shakeology a Lifestyle Cheat?

It’s simple really.  Shakeology is a whole-food nutrition shake.  There is nothing like it on the market today.  There is no company that makes anything comparable.

It’s compared with protein shake because it’s processed down to a powder, but it’s so much more than a protein shake.

It’s not a diet shake full of artificial stimulants and junk.  People who don’t have weight to lose drink Shakeology.  People who body build drink Shakeology.  It’s not purposed for people who have weight to lose.  While you can use it as a meal replacement to help lose weight, it’s not a diet drink.

I’m not sure how else to say it.

Shakeology is all natural – there is nothing artificial.  It contains 70 superfoods – bringing essential vitamins and amino acids – a normal healthy diet would be missing.  Because of its natural state, all of the ingredients are absorbed and usable by your body – unlike many multivitamins and supplements on the market today.

Basically, Shakeology is a powerful multivitamin, your probiotic, and your sugar craving satisfied in one delicious drink.


The Biggest Reason why Shakeology isn’t a Diet Cheat?

The support system.  In the challenge group model (online fitness groups), you learn about healthy fats and how they help your body work at it’s best.  You learn about fruits and veggies.  You learn about the foods that you put in your mouth – and what that does – and why overeating good stuff is bad too.

You learn about the importance of exercise.

You learn.

So, when I stopped drinking Shakeology for my experiment, I continued with my “eating and exercising” knowledge and allowed it to continue.


Why Drink Shakeology?

It’s great nutrition.  It’s healing.

I remarkably improved my health – which goes to show how wonderful Shakeology is.

Being an overeater, it’s really hard to change.  It’s really hard to change anyway.  The cravings, this…and that…

Shakeology really helps.  It’s good for you, yes, but it tastes like a dessert.  It feels that I am treating myself each and every day (which I am) – and that takes the edge off.  It gives my body what it needs to feel more satisfied.  With Shakeology, I’m not missing any important vitamins and minerals – that would normally be missing in a normal diet with reduced food-intake leaving me feeling more satisfied, more full, more energetic and more positive!

Shakeology leaves me feeling more satisfied, more full, more energetic and more positive!

It makes me more ready to exercise and to take on the day!


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