Keeping your Child Safe in the Car


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Did you know that car seats reduce the risk of fatal injury by a whopping 71%.  Yes.  Having and installing car seats properly saves lives.

Keeping your child safe in the car


There are a few tips that will keep your child safe while driving.


When do I change my child’s car seat?


Don’t be in a rush.  I know, hard.  Changing car seats is like a milestone, but let’s not think about it that way.  Wait until your child reaches the maximum height and weight range for the seat.  If you don’t know the maximum limit for your seat, consult the manual, or using the make and model number, search for the manual online. 

Place your child in a rear facing seat, at least until they are 2.  If they reach the height and weight limit for the infant seat, move them up to a rear facing convertible car seat.  Once your child reaches the limit, the convertible car seat can be turned.  Make sure to use the 5-point harness and rear tether.

Once your child reaches the height and weight limit for the convertible car seat, move them to a booster seat which should be secured via the lap and shoulder belt.

A child of greater than 40 lbs. should be placed in a booster seat.


Make sure the 5-point harness is secured properly


How should the harness be secured?

The chest clips should be placed at armpit level.  It should be snug, so you can only get one finger between the belt and your child’s body.


Remove bulky clothes and coats before buckling

Annoying I know, but necessary.  I dread winter and getting the kids in and out of the car.  However, I would rather be safe than sorry.  Extra cushion prevents a proper fit.  Make sure to take off all coats and bulky clothes before buckling your child into his/her seat!


How do I know that my seat is installed properly?


Keeping your child safe in the car


I know for me personally, it’s the what-if’s that kill me.  Is the car seat installed correctly?  Is it at the right angle?  What is a tether and do I need to use it?

All these questions are great, and that’s why has three child passenger safety specialists who write their safety checks, helping parents to demystify the process.  They also participate in a number of child safety checks throughout the Chicago area!


Consider purchasing an eClip

What is an eClip?  It’s new technology that will alert you if your child is too hot or too warm in the car.  You can read more about the eClip here. Picks for the best of seats


Infant seat: Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 30 

Convertible car seat: Britax Marathon 

Booster seat: Graco TurboBooster 

Read the reviews HERE.



What questions do you have about child safety seats?



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  1. I just read about a mom who went to grab milk with her two babies and was hit from behind, the car was totaled but the babies were safe! She thanked the makers of their carseats, they were 100% fine, her Honda CRV not so much.
    She gave similar advice. Those carseats can be pesky, but they are truly lifesavers.

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