6- Krav Maga Combat Exercises to Enhance your Workout Routine at Home

Krv Maga Workout Tips


I like burpees.  I do.  I like mountain climbers.  I like lifting weights.  These are exercises that I enjoy doing.  This is how I was able to lose 150 lbs., because I enjoy it.  Burpees, mountain climbers, leg lifts, power jumps, weights – that’s what my training program is based on.

But I also realize that some are scared of doing those types of exercises.

Personally speaking, I was hesitant to put any effort into martial arts or combat fitness, because I wasn’t a believer.  How can you shape your abs and butt without burpees?  Not possible.

Well, I am a combat fitness convert after doing Core De Force.  Not only was it so much fun, but the way I shaped my butt and abs – AMAZING.  It’s amazing how sore I got without even doing a burpee.


How the ketogenic lifestyle helps me #health #fitness


My arms have never been stronger.


Krav Maga

Have you ever heard of Krav Maga?  Krav Maga translates from the Hebrew as ‘contact combat’. We think of it as the “art of going home alive”. It is not a martial art. It is a highly effective self-defense and fighting system designed to efficiently and effectively neutralize, disable or subdue an opponent. Its fighting principals are based on constant motion and simultaneous defense and offense. Relying on instinct to provide strength under pressure, its movements employ strikes, holds, blocks, locks and grabs and the use of ‘weapons of opportunity’, i.e. whatever may be at-hand to both prevent and deter an attack. Krav Maga is the official self-defense and combat fighting system of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), including its elite military units. It is used around the world by military, law enforcement and security organizations for its widely acknowledged realistic and superior techniques to protect and preserve life when under threat.


Krav Maga Workout Tips

A leading self-defense and fitness expert has a list of tips that will make you look forward to doing your workout in the comfort of your own home. The intense, but effective workout tips offer individuals lifesaving self-defense techniques, but also helps them get in the best shape of their lives.


  • Krav Maga fighting stance – Stand with your feet just a little further than your hips width apart. If you are right handed, take one step forward with your left foot…if you are left-handed take one step forward with your right foot. Keep a little bend in your knees. Keep your hands open and out in front of your face (palms away). Keep your elbows in and your chin tucked. Practice moving in your stance by always stepping with the foot closest to where you want to go, and pushing with the opposite foot.


  • Krav Maga Straight Punch – From your fighting stance rotate your body so that your shoulders and hips turn and your arm drives straight out in front of you. Imagine striking the target with your top two knuckles (pointer and middle finger). Remember; when you punch involve your whole body. If your hips and shoulders aren’t turning behind the punch you aren’t making the strongest strike possible. Recoil the punch back to the original position in a straight line.



  • Krav Maga Hammer Fist – From your fighting stance, rotate your hips and shoulders exactly like you would for a straight punch…instead of making the strike with your knuckles, send the bottom of your closed fist (bottom of your pinky) toward the target, as if you were going to hammer a nail into a board directly in front of you. Recoil your strike directly back to the original hand position in fighting stance.



  • Krav Maga Front Kick To The Groin – From your fighting stance, drive your hips and back knee forward, then let your lower leg unfold, with foot flat and your toe pointed forward (not up) as if you were going to cut a person in half, through their groin, with the top of your foot. A flat foot provides the widest striking surface, and offers the best chance of doing damage to the target. Recoil your leg to the back position, and the original fighting stance.



  • Krav Maga SPRAWL! – From your fighting stance, bend your knees until your hands can touch the ground. Supporting yourself with your hands, jump your feet back as if getting into a push up position, let your hips drop low to the ground while your head and chest stay up and you look to the ceiling or in front of you, not down. Pop up directly to your fighting stance. A sprawl is used to defend against someone grabbing your legs and lifting you off the ground or tackling you. If you drop your hips fast and explosively when someone tries to grab you around the waist, you can free yourself from the grip and smash that person down to the ground. The movement is similar to a burpee when practiced alone.



Move around in your fighting stance, do 100 punches, 100 hammer fists, 100 front kicks, and 20 sprawls and you’ll get your heart pumping pretty well!


Ross Cascio is an expert Level Krav Maga Instructor with over a decade teaching Krav Maga self-defense, fight, and fitness classes.


About Krav Maga Worldwide

Founded in 1997 to promote Krav Maga throughout the United States and around the world, Krav Maga Worldwide trains and certifies instructors and licenses over 150 authorized Krav Maga Worldwide training centers in the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, South America, and Europe, as well as over 800 law enforcement agencies and military units. Krav Maga offers the highest caliber of instruction to thousands of people, supporting the company’s core commitment to improving and saving lives. Krav Maga Worldwide continues to develop, promote and implement self-defense and fitness programs. For additional information, visit the website HERE.


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