Learning Games Perfect for Long Car Rides, Plane Trips and Vacations


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Let’s face it.  Kids need to be kept busy. Long trips can be tricky, especially with 4-kids in tow.

We drove to Minnesota to visit my family, and with the kids, the trip can seem very long.  Longer than the three days it took us to get there.  Even with frequent stops, the minds…and hands need to be occupied – by more than an iPad or phone – by something that stimulates the mind and is fun!

Because of the small space availability in the car or on the plane, card games are the perfect fit!

Here are a few games we played on our trip, that fit the bill – and was easily played by all the kids 6-14 years!





I think we probably all know UNO!  UNO the classic card game that is tons of fun!  I played it when I was a kid.  It’s a race to deplete your hand.  You match the top card by number or color.  When you only have one card left, make sure to yell “UNO” before another player does, or else you will have to draw 3 cards. The first person to get rid of all of their cards is the winner!

UNO is fun, easy to learn, is fast, and is fantastic for a family game night with some popcorn, a plane ride, whether it be 2 hours or half a day, or fun in the car on a trip to Minnesota.

It’s the classic game that won’t disappoint.


Boom Goes the Dynamite

This game we loved!  Boom Goes the Dynamite is for older players, who can easily apply their mental math skills (add, subtract, multiply and divide).  It’s great for adults and kids 8 years +

We had a good time with this game!  It worked well on our trip, and we play a lot during our family game nights.  I bring the popcorn, and Boom Goes the Dynamite brings the fun.

Fast to learn and even faster to play (which mom loves), this game can be played in smaller spaces and is perfect for the entire family!

Don’t forget the popcorn!




Another very quick to learn, and quick to play game (perfect for kids), the kids can read the directions on their own and go!

I really like that aspect of these OK2Win games.

Like UNO, It’s a game of discard – the player to first discard all of their card wins!

You have 3 cards face down, 3 cards face up on the table.  Each player is then dealt 6 cards.  The remainder of the cards go in the discard pile. The object of the game is to discard your cards, but you can only discard cards that are larger than the card facing up in the discard pile.  Clear cards (larger than any number card) is how you strategize to win.

A game of both luck and strategy, it’s a fun game for the entire family!


What games do you like to play on long car/plane trips?

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