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Have you heard of Peekapak?  When you subscribe to the service, each month you will receive an original storybook, activities associated with the story, and learning elements designed by educators.  When I saw that Educents is offering the 1st grade Common Core Curriculum Classroom kit for Free, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try it out, and meet all of the Peeksville pals.  I’m really glad I did.


Peekapak First Grade Classroom Kit


In this great kit, you will receive

Two fantastic story books – The tree of Happiness (perfect for the holiday season), and the value of friendship

An excellent teachers guide, to guide you through the learning and activities

A number of great activities and learning tools – including printables


The Tree of Happiness

This is a great story for the holiday season.  In the story, we learned that when we do or say things that make others happy, it in turn makes us happy.  They also told us to seek out happiness in all things.




There were a lot of fun crafts and learning activities associated with this book.  We created our own giving tree, where we add tags daily to remember the blessings in our lives.  I like it so much more than new years resolutions.  It helps us to focus on the good things that have happened, and be thankful for them.  It also helps us with our gross motor and writing skills!

We also completed our own storyboard.  After reading the story, we put the story in order, and then talked about it – helping our comprehension skills.  We also made our own puppet theater where we re-enacted the story – helping further with comprehension, as well as made up a new story – enhancing our creativity!


The Value of Friendship

In this story, we learned about the importance of having friends and cooperating.  We learned that we all can use our best skills together to create something even better.  That’s how we make new friends, and build upon existing friendships.




Again, with this story, we made a fun puppet theater to recall the story from beginning to end.   Together, the 2 kids and I used our best skills to make a pretty Peeksville Streetscape.  We use printables within the Peekapak kit, as well as whimsical buildings we found in magazines and online!  It’s always fun when you complete projects together.


Overall Opinion of Peekapak

I really loved the stories and associated activities.  I like that they made a list of activities and skills that they build – so I could pick and chose based on interests and skills I want to work on.  I also loved their comprehensive list of items needed.  While, if you opt for the mail subscription, all of the items will be within your box, online, you might have to gather a few items.  Fortunately, I had all the materials already in my house.  If not, it would be relatively inexpensive to gather what you need.

I do understand the excitement of getting things in the mail, but I do like downloading the story and printing out all the activities.  It felt natural to me.

If this would be a feasible option, I wish Peekapak would offer a digital service at a reduced cost.  Many homeschoolers are 1 income households, and might not be able to afford a mail subscription fee as easily, but may be able to better handle a digital one.  This is a great way for homeschoolers to get some arts and crafts without too much fuss or muss, for moms like me who don’t like doing those types of activities.

We had a lot of fun with our Peekapak.

Get your Peekapak Sample Free on the Educents Website through New Years Day

Hurry – and receive your free ebooks and associated activities through New Years Day on the Educents website here.

Do you want to know more about Peekapak?

Visit them online




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  1. I haven’t heard of this company before, but it sounds like something I want to check out. I like that you can download the info. With a lot of young children, I have passed over many mail order kits because they are geared to one or two children. I now you could order additional kits, but it becomes out of our price range. Thank you for the review!
    channon recently posted…The Top 10 Posts For 2014My Profile

    • Hey Channon,

      Yeah, one of the things I suggested was that they have a digital subscription – otherwise it’s just to expensive. In my opinion it is so much more convenient and practical. I am just speaking personally, but I don’t need pretty things in the mail. The digital pack was very comprehensive and the materials were mostly already in my house. Like you said, you can print it for as many as you like.
      Lisa recently posted…Academic & Fun Valentines Day-Inspired ELA for 3rd-5th GradersMy Profile


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