Would your Kids Attend a Lego Camp?


What are the educational benefits of Legos?

Most of us as kids had the time of our lives by playing Legos. It is one of those toys sets that have had an enormous impact. Lego undoubtedly has become one of the biggest brands in today’s toy world. Leave out the younger generations, even the parents these days are incredibly fond of Lego blocks. With its massive fan base, the benefits of Lego are undeniable.

Most of us do not realize that the Lego blocks have an educational impact on the kids. There are various brands which have been working for a long time promoting educational benefits of Lego. While to some people, Lego is just a toy, to others it can be an aspect of learning and creating new things.

How Lego helps educationally?

Various schools these days are adopting Lego blocks to teach their students new things. These multifaceted Lego bricks can help the kids learn about crafting and creation. Check out some reasons why this help:

1. Enhances creativity

One of the most primary things that Lego education brings up is encouraging creativity among kids. The kids use Lego bricks to create different designs, be it a home or a spacecraft. All these small details have a significant impact on time. Since the kids do not have a limitation in designing, they can go on creating anything they like. This further encourages not only their imagination but their creativity as well. There isn’t anything right or wrong about it. Thus, the children can go on exploring themselves without any risk of failing.

2. Enhances fine motor skills

The children get to learn about the excellent motor skills when they connect the different Lego bricks. Combining the cubes can seem harsh to them. As a result, the pressure on the fingers to assemble the Lego blocks becomes an important part. This is also beneficial as it helps the kids to have control over the force. It helps while writing too.

3. Improves teamwork

Playing with Lego blocks appear to be a responsibility for the kids. However, it does represent an essential role in enhancing the teamwork among kids. While playing, the kids learn how to take their turns and share things. Moreover, they settle to one final idea of making a design. This promotes the teamwork. They follow each other and encourage help. If there are any differences, they try to solve it out. Their contribution and collaboration for Lego blocks at such a young age can prove to be one beneficial thing in the coming time. The Lego education plays an important role to enhance the social experience for kids.

4. Enhances communication skills

Most of the markets or malls have play areas for the kids to stay. It is in such places where you will get Lego bricks in large quantities. The kids get to interact with each other while playing Lego. The Lego blocks help to initiate a meaningful and fun conversation among kids. Since each of them has a different design, they try to explain their work and ideas to each other. Apart from that, they also learn and discuss many things which promote proper communication among kids.

5. Enhances self-confidence

It is essential to develop the self-confidence from a young age to enjoy better results in the coming time. The kids may find it hard to connect the small Lego blocks. However, once they achieve the final result, they look at it as an accomplishment. The kids further go on flaunting their works to others. Make sure to congratulate the child on his achievement. This will have a positive impact on self-esteem.

6. Enhances lateral thinking

Following a particular set of instructions or schedules to create Lego structures can be hard for kids. But, it can protect the planning skills in kids. It helps to enhance the lateral thinking. Most of the kids commit a mistake while making these blocks. Therefore, in situations like these, they should trace their steps and find the real problem. This helps them to enhance their planning skills since they try to analyze what mistake they did.

Lego education can play an essential role in the lives of kids. Several Atlanta LEGO camps are happening each year. You can prefer sending your kids to such camps to enhance their intelligence.


Do your kids enjoy playing with and building Lego structures?

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  1. My son is 9 and he loves LEGO. I think it’s so good for him and he enjoys it too. He would run, jump and skip in to a camp if there was one. Linking up for the first time with #MMBH X

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