Free Lesson Plans for Teaching your Kids about Bias, Social Injustice, and the Consequences of Hate

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Wow guys.  Nobody seems to be talking about this.

As I see it, being a homeschooler, we are at an advantage.  We are able to teach our children right from wrong.  Bad from good.  In my mind,  in this situation, there is a bad and there is a good.  There is a right and there is a wrong.

Then I think, maybe I’m too close to this.  I’m an African-American woman – and really it was only 75 years ago when it was legal to hang black people from trees for looking at a white woman, trying to vote, speaking out against hate, or just being a black in general.  People were physically and emotionally tortured and nobody seemed to care.  The government looked the other way.  The justice system looked the other way.

So I find this very scary.  I find it scary that in this day and age, people who are overtly prejudiced could be allowed to run for a government office.  Frankly, I find it frightening that people like that even have support – and that there are people who think what they say (and do not say say) are true, good, and what this country needs. It’s also concerning that act on what they say.
It’s very sad.

I found these lesson plans, that can be done with your children, to teach them the consequences of growing up with hate in their hearts, because it’s wrong to hate people because of the color of their skin.  It’s wrong to hate people because of the religion they practice.  It’s wrong to hate people because of who they love, or what they believe.

And it’s very wrong to verbally and physically act out in response to hate. It’s wrong to deny services to display your hate.

And it’s wrong to try to hold people back, to look the other way when people are brutally murdered (as nobody is above the law), and to threaten to throw people out of a country – where we are all immigrants.  Because in some way, in some form – our ancestors all traveled here, or were brought here against our will (well, except for the Native Americans of course).


Lesson Plans for Families

This lesson plans has “table talk” topics, such as….

Nice, France and our response to terrorist attacks

Discusses how we respond by scapegoating other groups

Responding to cyberhate

Discuss online hate speech and the ways we respond and speak out.

Bias in the presidential election

Discuss bias rhetoric

Propaganda, extremism, and online recruitment

Discuss propaganda and how it’s use by terrorist groups for recruitment

Movies and the Diversity Gap

Discuss the diversity gap in movies and the Academy Awards and how that implies bias


Lesson Plans for Teachers and Families

These lesson plans surround the idea of the “hate Pyramid”  There are certain levels of hate that culminate at genocide.  They teach children that, yes, not everything ends in genocide – but genocide always begins with all the lower levels.  In order for you to prevent it from getting it to the top, you have to stop it in its tracks.

It’s a very powerful and real lesson, and in my opinion, a good way to approach these complex topics.

Some of the lessons included are…

Balancing the good and the bad

Allows students to evaluate the hateful things happening in society

The Trouble with stereotypes

examines how people develop stereotypes – and how they lead to prejudice and injustice

Remembering those hurt by hate

Creating an opportunity to learn about those hurt by hate, and find ways to not repeat these cases

The escalation of hate

discusses the difficulty in stopping hate once it has started.

All these lessons provide honest and open discussion and activities for upper elementary and middle school students for discussing these very complex situations – that frankly, I didn’t even imagine that I would ever have to discuss with my kids – beyond talking about the Civil Rights Movement.
It’s a shame.
How have you approached these topics with your homeschooler(s)?

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  1. Thank you for specifically mentioning Donald Trump in this post. You’re absolutely right with your description… scary. Supporters? Scary. Thank you for your ideas for discussions around this topic. It helps when the news leaves you speechless.

  2. Thank you for these resources. The hate is frightening. Not just in top political figures but in everyday people.
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