Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow! Or Not

Good morning friends!  What a beautiful day!

I laid in the bed thinking that we had homeschool co-op classes for Hadyn today.  Oh joy!  Ava, Grayson and I get to sit in the car – in the freezing cold – for 4 hours while Hadyn attends band and classes.

So, I got up, looked out and saw this

I just adore snow, but there is not much of it.  Didn’t really think anything of it.  It’s just 2 cm of snow – literally.

I fired up the ipod – and found out that the public schools have been delayed and the homeschool co-op classes were cancelled!  Hooray!  YES!  Woo-Hoo!


Bummer!  Hadyn will be so disappointed that we have a full day of regular school today!  Math…phonics…cursive…oh my!

I find it amazing how little it takes to delay the school system.  Must be icy out there or something.  I don’t know, I am staying here, in my warm house.

So, I settled down with another cup of rich hot chocolate

at my chaotic table and tended to the Shrimp Chowder – that I got found in the Jess and More part of the blogosphere –  in one of my daily blog reading sessions a few days ago.
I haven’t yet put the shrimp in – but it tastes AWESOME!  Thanks Jess!
And I write – and I read!

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