Making Changes in the New Year

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My body feels so good.

I have had a few false starts (which in my opinion is not uncommon) and was thinking about what the difference was for me.

Why now?


What Changed in me?

1. I got selfish. I decided that it had to be about me for a while and I went with it!

2. I admitted to myself and others that I had a problem. My brain was seriously screwed. I was eating myself to death because my brain was broken. Profoundly broken.

When I finally admitted that I had a problem, it gave me the power to be able to find ways to fix it.

3. I did something that very few people do – I took responsibility for my own issues. I stopped blaming others for my problems and my fatness.

When I owned my issues, then I could go about changing.  You can’t control others so when I made it about them, I was powerless. Others aren’t going to change. It was a way of putting the responsibility on someone other than me.

I finally admitted that the responsibility for my being fat, for my high blood pressure, and for my low self-esteem – rested on me.  I realized that I was the one who makes the decisions. Anyone can enable, or demean, or call me names, or whatever – but I am the one that made the decision to feed myself. I was the one killing myself.

Me, myself and I.

Ahhhh, that’s where the power is and that is the ability to change.


Are you ready to change?

I have a fitness group.  We take control of our nutrition, not based on pre-planned meals, meal plans, shakes, and pseudoscience – but we take control based on our bodies, our wants and needs, and our schedules.  It’s an easy nutrition plan that works because it’s easy.  In addition, I have created a 7-day a week 5-30 minutes per day training regimen that compliments the nutrition so that you lose fat, feel better and get healthy!

It’s possible to fit a viable plan in your schedule – because a plan that is easy to maintain will work.

Are you interested?

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