Mini-Workout: Strength your Core in 30 Seconds

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The hardest part is getting started – always.

So I wanted to put together a series of quick exercises to show you that training can be hard, but it can also be worth the effort that you put into it.  I have mini-workouts which focus on a small group of muscles, that when exhausted in a period of 30 seconds-1 minute can produce results.

When you get results from 30-seconds of effort you will want to get better results with 30-minutes of training.


Core Strength

I believe that core strength is the cornerstone of fitness.  The core consists of the hips, abs (upper and lower), the lower back and glutes.  These muscles stabilize the spine making them extremely important to our health and well-being.  We strengthen these muscles, it makes everything easier (picking up kids, walking, jogging, playing sports, doing laundry, carrying a baby on your back, pregnancy, post pregnancy, sitting, laying…everything that moms do each and every day).

If you have lower back problems, strengthening the core muscles will help.

We are using a swiss/birth ball to strengthen our core muscles.  In order to balance on the ball, we have to engage the muscles of the core.  There is no way around it and no cheat.  You balance on the ball, you work your core.


30-Second Workout

If you are new to exercise, push the ball against a wall and start there. The wall will help you stabilize the ball while you work on building your core muscles. Once you are holding against the wall for 1-minute, take the ball from against the wall. Start with a 10-second hold every other day. When that gets easy, do a 20-second hold. Then a 30-second hold. Continue until you can hold the position for a minute.

If it seems too easy, roll out on the ball more. The further out you are on the ball (the closer to your feet), the harder it is.


For the Best Results

For the best results, do this mini-workout right after you wake-up in the morning. Don’t eat anything before and wait 2-3 hours after before eating again. Water and BCAA’s can be consumed freely.

Are you ready for something more?

I have a training and nutrition program which is perfect for the busy mom. I was able to lose 150 lbs. while homeschooling and being wife, mom, person and friend. It’s focused short training in combination with a whole food fasting program. Interested in learning more?



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