Setting up a Playroom for Siblings of Different Ages

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Creating a playroom suitable for children of different ages can be challenging, to say the least. Your children’s needs and playtime desires change quickly as they grow, and keeping them happy and safe while they play together is not always easy. At Modernize, we appreciate the need to create a beautiful play space without sacrificing functionality. Here are a few ways you can turn your playroom into a haven for kids of all ages.


Designate play spaces

The first thing you need to do in order to create a peaceful, cohesive, and cooperative playroom is to designate play spaces throughout the room. Older children will need a table and chairs for arts and crafts, building, and school-based activities. Babies and younger toddlers will love having a corner all their own with soft rugs and bright, stimulating toys. Consider cordoning off this area of the room to keep other toys out and keep your littlest children safe (this can be done with cushions, gates, squishy play mats, and cleverly positioned storage boxes and shelves). Make sure to leave a corner or two free for dressing up and imaginative play, something everyone loves!


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A tidy playroom is a happy playroom, for everyone concerned. By keeping your toys well organized in their appropriate storage spaces, you eliminate clutter and any potential choking hazards for babies. Storage boxes with picture labels help your little ones to recognize where all of their toys live and have the added bonus of helping during clean-up time. Establish playtime cleaning routines that will stick with them, and your children will need very little help from you to keep their play space neat and tidy.


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Decorations for everyone

After you’ve organized and tidied your all age playroom, it’s time to decorate. Make your decorations last by choosing popular modern art prints instead of your children’s favorite characters, or display their own artwork washing-line style with wire and clothespins. As far as cushions, blankets, and rugs go, choose bright, bold fabrics and prints that match your furniture and make the room cozy and familiar.



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Everyone knows that children have relatively short attention spans; the key is to keep it fresh and new with everything you do. The same applies for play spaces. Choose the toys your little ones enjoy playing with the best at first and remove the ones that have fallen out of favor. When they get bored of the toys you have out, you will have an arsenal of new playthings without spending a penny in Toys R Us. Rotate your older children’s craft and dressing-up areas regularly, and remember that even babies need new stimuli from time to time, so make sure their spaces are interesting and well stocked, too.


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Keep it safe

One of the hardest parts of creating a playroom suitable for children of all ages is safety. If you have older children who are interested in crafts, Legos, or other games that involve small pieces, make sure you have a place for them to play safely away from babies and younger toddlers. When thinking about your room storage options, keep these toys and games out of the reach of crawlers and consider storing them on higher shelves or in sealed boxes and bins. Once you’ve tidied away potentially dangerous toys, make sure to complete all your other childproofing tasks, such as covering sockets, installing baby gates, and cushioning sharp corners on tables and storage units.


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