Healthy Whole Food Meals for the Busy Professional

I am all about convenience.  Convenience makes things easier.  And easy is maintainable.

I get the fact that you want to live a healthy lifestyle, but struggle to fit it into your daily life.  I know how hard it is.  You either have to wake up super early (4 AM) to get to the gym so you can get it done, or you have to make it to the gym after work, when you are tired.

It’s really hard.  Your tired and all you want to do is eat and crawl into bed.  There is no time for gourmet home cooked meals.  By this point, you might not even care.  You just grab something quick on the way home.

There is hope just for you!

No more going out and eating questionable food with preservatives and hidden additives.

Enter Muscle Up Meals, whole foods meals delivered to your door.  Meals that you can trust.


Muscle-Up Meals is committed to help people get the proper nutrition they need to achieve their fitness goals and leave a healthy lifestyle.   The meals are perfectly portioned at 400-550 calories per meal and contain around 30g carbs, 35-45g protein, and 5-10g fat.  No sugar is added.


What if I am following a special diet?

Special diet, no problem.

They cater to the following diets.


Ketogenic Lifestyle

Competition Menu for bodybuilders and body competitors


If you have a specific request, it never hearts to send an email and let Adam know.  He will give you a quote.  So, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, the sky’s the limit!


Muscle-Up Meals offers foods for breakfast, lunch, dinners, and snacks


What’s the delivery area?

Muscle-Up Meals delivers to the LA area on Sunday night and all day on Monday.  They typically deliver 5-days of meals, but you can opt to purchase more.  Meals can be easily frozen and defrosted.

If you are outside the delivery area, nationwide overnight shipping is in the works!  Soon you will be able to get healthy portion controlled meals where ever you are!


What’s in the food?

I’m a whole foods person.  I don’t spread news about processed freeze-dried crap full of fillers.  Muscle-Up meals are made up of fresh, non-GMO ingredients which are mostly organic.  Protein is extremely lean.


Home delivery, it sounds expensive

What is a busy professional doing if he/she is not cooking his/her own meals?  They are going out to eat, or bringing something in, right?

Well, these meals cost money, generally $7-$15, but can be more for better ingredients. 

What would you pay to get a full steak meal at your local steak house?  $50?  Maybe more for a leaner and better cut of meat?  Well, here you are, knowing what ingredients you are getting, delivered to your door, for half the price.

It’s really a no-brainer in my opinion.


About Adam Karapetyan – Co-Founder of Muscle-Up Meals



Tipping the scale at over 400 pounds, he came closer to an untimely demise with every cheeseburger, every slice of pizza, every step and breath he took.  After first making the mental commitment that he was finally going to do whatever was necessary to loose weight and get healthy he embarked upon his tough but rewarding journey.

Adam’s first step was to remain committed live the principles that are proven necessary to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve his personal fitness goals.  One of the key factors in this principle include “Healthy Food and Proper Nutrition”.  No shortcuts.

To create a lean, mean, muscle machine, it doesn’t matter how much you work out if you’re filling your body with junk (candy, soda, cake, pastries, fried foods, fatty burgers, and shakes).

He came to the realization that if you feed your body the fuel and nutrients it needs to get strong, burn fat, build muscle, protect your vascular and immune systems, that you get results. That’s exactly what Adam did. He completely changed his eating habits and diet. Consuming only healthy food that would give him the base, strength and stamina needed to create a new body.

Visit Muscle-Up Meals online…


Would pre-prepared meals delivered to your door help you to achieve your health and fitness goals?

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  1. I love that Muscle-Up meals are made up of organic, fresh and non-GMO ingredients .

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