Must-Have Skills for Better Legal Writing in 2017


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Writing is a very important aspect in the legal field. If you think that lawyers are more on debates and questioning, then you may have watched too many law movies such as Suits and How to get away with murder. While oral skills are also a must in the field, writing skills are actually as important if not more so. In fact, a majority of the time, lawyers are spending time on paperwork, so you can just imagine how many documents they write every day.


Every lawyer will admit that ever since day 1 of law school, they have been hounded, bombarded, and attacked with loads and trucks of documents, specifically hundreds of pages of legal cases. Not only will they need to read and in some cases memorize some of those documents is that they are also required to write reports, case digests, and other written documents in order to pass in their subjects. That is why it is no surprise why lawyers show so much grit and patience when handling cases.


If you are planning on attending a law school or plan to work in a law firm, then you will surely need to familiarize with legal documents and must know how to write them. And in order to help you with that, below are the basic must have skills for better legal writing;




In writing, it is very important that the paragraphs and the thoughts are well-organized. A clear map of thoughts must be well presented and guided in order for the writer to properly convey their thoughts and understanding to their readers. Without proper organization skills, one cannot fulfill the initial requirement in a written communication which will make the whole process a failure.


High level of vocabulary


There are many legal terms, legalese and etc that are unique to lawyers and legal practitioners. Thus, ordinary readers who haven’t read law books will find it hard to understand the terms and sentences. Therefore, one needs to have a wide range of vocabulary in order to properly present and explain the legal terms to the ordinary readers.


Ability to Simplify Legal phrases


There are many legal phrases that sound awkward and are hard to understand. In most cases, only lawyers understand such phrases as they treat the law in very literal terms. Thus, in order to improve your legal writing and make it understandable and even enjoyable to common readers, it is very important that you be able to simplify such phrases and sentences.




A very common yet mostly ignored trait to writers in general, is proofreading. A good writer must always proofread their write-ups before they do their submission. In fact, some expert and famous writers proofread their drafts and then write a final draft and then proofread it again – so you can just see how patient they are, in order to produce the best and understandable content for their readers.




Is it a skill or a trait? No matter what, patience is still very important as no one will achieve a high score or level in the initial stages. Do not be discouraged if you don’t produce good results, in the beginning, you can only grit your teeth, read more and practice more and more.


Do you work on all of these skills in your homeschool?  What resources do you use?


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