Oh So Squishable Green

One thing I do not like about living in the DC area, is that everybody is in such a hurry.  It’s like – really?

Nobody has any time anymore.  When I am at a red light, people are beeping at me if the light has been green more than a nano-second.  It’s like, yes, it takes about that much time for the signal to go from my eyes to my brain back to my foot to push on the pedal.  Sheesh.

It has gotten so bad, that nobody has any time to stop for a red light.  Just two days ago, some dude ran through a light – that had been red for well over a minute.  He was driving – and kept on driving.


It’s no wonder this country has a high heart attack rate.  Nobody can slow down.

I fell into the trap just this morning.  I was dyeing some wool (which I normally do on Saturday, but had no time).  My husband had to wash his clothes.  So, instead of waiting the entire day (which I should have done) I decided to throw everything in the wash all together.  It will be fine, I thought.

Famous last words.

In the middle of the load, I saw it.

Oh boy, I got an “OH SO SQUISHABLE” green!

def OH SO SQUISHABLE –  (adjective) A color different than anticipated.  
         Unbeknownst to Lisa.  A color that cannot be replicated.   
         Unknown how was produced.  A color so unique, it’s beyond words
         syn:  Unique, special, and breathtaking   
        Antonym: Normal, regular, Anything recognizable

Well, the OH SO SQUISHABLE green is very pretty, just not what I thought it would be.  It is, however a beautiful spring/summer color and will look great with my other spring colors.

Pretty colors for the spring and summer.  Can’t wait to make those longies and shorties!

Things always work for the best, don’t they?


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  1. yep..hurry to wait for the next red light! we lived in DC for 10 yrs..i think i got used to the pace but once we left I never ever missed it. my boys that do their own wash have all the same color clothes now..guess the colors just all blended together..

    • ahhh, so you know what I’m talking about. Boy, I definitely will not miss this place. I look forward to a more quiet life. I would love to live in the mountains of Maine, or high in the Berkshires. So beautiful and peaceful.

      I guess that’s what colors do after a while, huh? The just blend together.

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