Our Path to a more Sustainable Backyard – Earth Day 2014

Our Path to a more sustainable backyard #earthday #gardening


I have all these dreams, that we will grow a big luscious garden and be able to feed ourselves and preserve some for the winter.  Big dreams must start small I guess.  Long term, I am hoping to create a sustainable backyard.   This Earth Day, we planted the first seeds to fulfill that dream (literally and figuratively). We spent the day planting our garden.   As you see, we have a very small starter space – at 3X3 feet.  We also have two large pots.  We tried this last year, and it didn’t work out so well.  Because of our dismal year (which equates to lack of success), we went to the garden center to get some help – and didn’t expand our efforts.

I went in wanting to know the easiest things to grow, and we came out with 1 strawberry (as an attempt to make freezer jam), a tomato plant, squash, green beans and some Leaf Gro (similar to compost).  We bought the squash and green beans as seeds, and just decided to plant them (per their advice).  We mixed the Leaf Gro with our soil and we made two large mounds (in our little 3X3 space), and planted 4-seeds in each mound.  then we planted marigolds and sweet peas around the wooden perimeter (the kids insisted and I relented.  I didn’t want to bother with the flowers but I was tired of debating).

In the bigger pots, we planted the strawberry and the tomato plant.

So far, I have left the strawberry to its own devices, and I have fertilized the tomato plant (supposed to do it every 2-3 weeks).  As far as I hear, if I don’t fertilize the tomato, I won’t get any fruit.  Is that what you hear?  If that’s not right, please tell me because I really do not want to kill this plant.

Along with our new garden (which hopefully will produce), I have peonies, hydrangea (my favorite), calla lilies (my other favorite) and a conglomerate of unknown (to me at least)  flowers .  Yes, I bought them and planted them (years ago).  I just never took the time to learn what they were.  Or maybe  I am  just clueless in general.

I have committed (aka committed the kids) to keep on top of things (aka weeds) and hopefully we will get something useful that we can preserve.

Plus, our backyard will look nice.



Have you planted your garden yet?  What are you planning to grow?

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  1. Every big dream does start small, so it looks like you’re on the right path! I wish I could give advice, but I recently killed our bean plants (still don’t know how!) and supposedly those are supposed to be great plants for kids because “anybody can grow them.” Aw, well! Here’s hoping your growing garden has much better luck!
    Emma recently posted…Exploring seeds with preschoolersMy Profile

  2. Congrats to you on starting this garden! I have a dream to homestead one day, though haven’t started even a small garden or even grown anything on my own ever. Nonetheless, it’s a dream and whenever we do start, out just might be as small as your 3×3 🙂
    Life Breath Present recently posted…Gym Update – 2014 #1My Profile

  3. Your garden sounds awesome! Starting small is smart. I’m kind of notorious for being an overambitious gardener, and rarely accomplish all of my gardening goals for the year. At least I can blame it on having two sweet little kiddos right now 😉 We’ve got some spinach, peas, garlic, and radishes growing right now. Our lettuces are just starting to sprout. I’ve gotta get out there and plant some carrots and beets. I’ve got plans for squash, beans, sunflowers, some medicinal/edible flowers…but we’ll see. Happy growing season!
    Lydia Larae recently posted…A Week in ReviewMy Profile

  4. I am happy for your new garden and excited to see the “fruits” (pun intended) of your labor! My son and I made a butterfly garden at our other house and I’d love one here, as well.
    bonnie a.k.a. LadyBlogger recently posted…I Sure Do Love Getting Old!My Profile

  5. Love the steps you’re taking to have a more sustainable backyard! We’re a little behind on our gardening this year, but I guess that’s acceptable given the late start spring has had here.
    Betsy recently posted…Golden Seed Grains?My Profile

  6. Good luck with your garden! I have never been very successful but it’s something I’ve always wanted to give more attention to. We will be moving to a place that we plan to stay in for at least a few years in the next couple of months and I am hoping to get motivated to try vegetable gardening again.
    Jody recently posted…Europe and Castles for KidsMy Profile

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