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Peel and Play letters to teach sounds, speech and have fun @educents #homeschool #preschoolathome
My son Grayson is 3 and has a speech delay. In order for him to want to learn, we have to make it fun. I include activities where he can move around, run and play. I have to include songs, as that keeps his attention. We also incorporate his race cars and trains – as those are his favorite things to play with. In the light, short sessions, we practice his speech, letter recognition, and phonics all at the same time!

I decided to use peel and play letters and numbers to create some games for him to play.


Peel and Play Letters: Phonics Practice


Phonics practice with Peel and play letters via @educents #homeschool #preschoolathome #educhat


In this activity, we worked on the following skills:

Letter recognition (upper case)

Phonetic awareness

Object recognition



I stuck a uppercase letter to individual train cars. We attached the train, rolled it around the room, and dropped each car off at the appropriate object. He had a great time with this activity!


Peel and Play Letters: Letter Seek and Find with Body Part Review


Letter seek and find with body part review: Peel and play letters @educents

In this activity, we practiced the following skills

Letter recognition (upper case)

Phonetic awareness

Body part review

In this activity, I placed 6-8 letters randomly on a piece of paper. You could put them anywhere, on a wall, on the floor, on a table – whatever you think would work. These peel and play letter can stick anywhere, and will not ruin the surface. I then would ask him to find a particular letter. Once he found the letter, we would review its sound, then I would ask him to place it on a body part (which would begin with the letter).

We did this activity in multiple ways. First, I just asked him to stick them randomly on this shirt, back, and body. But for body part awareness, you can pick particularly letters that begin certain body parts. Example, “H” sounds like ______ as in Hand! Then he would place it on his hand.



Peel and Pay Letters: The Island of Sodor


In this activity, we worked on the following skills.

Letter recognition Upper Case and Lower Case

Here, Thomas and Friends were tired after a busy day of hard work. So, Grayson put them to bed in the appropriate shed. We used the Peel and Play letters. I cut the upper case and lower case letters apart.


Peel and Play letter upper case and lower case letter recognition #homeschool #preschoolathome @educents


I then placed the upper case letter to our makeshift sheds (a piece of cardstock folded in half) and the lower case letter to the trains. He then drove the train to the appropriate shed.



Peel and Play Numbers: Number Practice

Peel and Play numbers #preschoolathome #math @educents

Skills practiced in this activity

Number recognition


Shape recognition

This activity is similar to the Island of Sodor letter recognition activity. Instead, we used his race cars.

We had a car race. His car won! Now, it’sPeel and Play Numbers time to put them to bed in the right garage. We put peel and play letters on the front of each car for the race. Then, I drew the corresponding number of shapes on the garages (pieces of cardstock folded in half).

He counted and named the shapes, and drove the cards in the right sheds.


Peel and Play Letters and Numbers for Older Grades

These letters and numbers are not solely for preschoolers. You can create activities for all of your homeschoolers! The letters can be used to create words, used for reading practice and spelling practice. Just line them up on the table, on a wall, or wherever! The letters are solid, and will make for hours of learning fun!

We used the Peel and Play Numbers to work on number placement for my second grader. We talked about the ones, tens, hundreds and thousands place, and then practiced reading numbers.



Peel and Play Letters and Numbers Review

I really liked the versatility of this set. We accomplished a lot of practice for all the kids. There were just a few items I wish were included in the set.

Separate upper and lower case letters – I had to cut them apart. I think this would be a better package with a set of upper case and a set of lower case letters (separated).

Zero – The number set didn’t include zero. Duh! We needed zero for the placeholder. For example, if there was a zero in the tens place.

Multiple numbers. The letter set had multiple letters, why doesn’t the number set have multiple numbers? There should be 2 or 3 of each number. Not only do you lose some, but you just need more than one number. For example, 1,611. That’s 3-1’s.


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peel and play letters for multiple ages @educents #homeschool #preschoolathome #homeschooling


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peel and play letters for multiple ages @educents #homeschool #homeschooling #preschoolathome


Megaformers are perfect for your busy-body builder!


Do you used Peel and Playsets in your homeschool?


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  1. I, too, have a 3 year old boy, and it is a challenge, but a good one, to find ways around the house to teach him stuff or to reinforce things that he learns in the 2 days that he goes to preschool. Those letters look GREAT. And i love the Thomas shout-out. We like that train here, too.
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  2. These look like they’d be fun for labeling things around the house for a beginning reader, too. 🙂

    My Jack was speech delayed. At 2, he had 10 “words” and 50 signs. He was in speech therapy until he was 6, and honestly, probably should have stayed in longer. At 11, he still has some issues with pronunciation.
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  3. I’ve been struggling with teaching my toddler the alphabet. She loves trains though, and this seems easy enough to manipulate for her since she’s only 3. Definitely pinning. Stumbling and tweeting as well. Happy Thursday. <3
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