Practice Cursive or Print with this Great Frozen Themed Spelling Freebie!


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I love educational items that you can adapt to fit your child’s individual needs.  I got excited when I saw this freebie.  On first looks, it looks quite elementary – 3 letter words – easy to write and to read for a first grader.  We use the Abeka curriculum and we have been working on our cursive for the past 1.5 years.  So, I thought, what a great way to use this freebie.  It’s written in print, so lets practice our cursive letters.  What better way?  It’s not just copying cursive, so it’s really reinforcing the letter formation.  Yes, I found some letters she was having problems writing, where as using the Abeka books, I would have never known – since she is so good at copying.

I love free.  You can download it directly from the Educents website.  It’s also Frozen themed, so it’s cute.  I don’t like printing in color, however, there are only 5 pages, so it’s not so bad.  It’s not the endless slow printing of hundreds of pages of color print.

I also love easy.  It’s so easy.  She just didn’t sit there writing endlessly.  It’s a good activity if I am busy teaching my older child – to keep her productive and her mind busy.  She can work on a few, move on, and go back to it later.  It’s also a great Friday afternoon activity.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just need a rest.  This is a fast print out and go.  In my opinion, writing is all about practice.  If you like what you are doing you are going to want to do it.  It’s not about meaningless copywork, about a topic he/she has no interest in.

It worked really well for us – as she makes further strides in her writing.

Frozen Themed Spelling #freebie @Educents #homeschool #literacy #Education #cursive


Download this great writing freebie here.


Do you/did you teach your child cursive writing?  What are your favorite cursive writing resources?


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