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Be prepared for anything


Get help with being prepared for anything – anytime with this comprehensive Preppers Bundle.

This bundle consists of

30- ebooks written by 28 authors

$309.64 retail value

90% discount

8-Awesome Bonus offers.

Just take a look at all the offerings!


Preppers bundle ebook offerings


In knowing my weaknesses, I have benefited greatly from this bundle.  I have some favorite books that have helped to strengthen me and my family.  Some of my favorites are…


Food Storage and Survival

Angela Paskett
Food Storage, Survival, & Prepared Kids
Our children are the next generation of adults in the world, and we get to help raise them!
Whether we are their parent, grandparent, guardian, or family friend, we can raise children that
are responsible and self-reliant. In this book, I share ideas that our family and others have used
in raising our children that have helped foster in them an attitude of self-reliance and
preparedness. 65 pages including activity pages.

Meal Planning for Long-Term Food Storage

Charisse Merrill
Start building your food storage today! This kit is the easiest step to building your long-term food
supply. Including 7 different recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Recipes are basic
and easily converted for food storage cooking. Each group contains a shopping list for 1 week,
1 month or 3 months to help facilitate easy gathering of a family’s food supply.

Prepping Like There is No Tomorrow

Constance Beck
How to prepare your kitchen and home in any type of disaster. Covers utensils, cooking fuels
and stoves, lists of needed items, storing foods and budgeting for prepping needs.

The Preppers Anthology on the Collapse of Venezuela

Daisy Luther
Daisy Luther has been studying the collapse of Venezuela since 2013, when a law was passed
that made prepping illegal. Since then, she has researched how the collapse has affected
everyday people. Learning these things can help you to better prepare your own family,
something that is especially important with our own country on the cusp of economic disaster.
Remember. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Food Storage Made Easy

Jodi & Julie
We were founded on the principle of building up a year’s supply of food storage in simple
babysteps. Our comprehensive program makes it easy! BABYSTEP CHECKLISTS: We start
with a series of checklists. Each checklist gives specific food storage or preparedness items to
buy, to learn about, and to try. FOOD STORAGE ENCYCLOPEDIA: The encyclopedia
contains detailed information about every aspect of your food storage and emergency
preparedness plans which we discuss in the checklists. RECIPE APPENDIX: Containting 60+
recipes,food storage equivalents & substitutions charts this is a complete resource on it’s own.

How to Bake without Baking Powder

Leigh Tate
A familiar diet is a comfort during hard times. Baking powder has a limited shelf life, but with
How To Bake Without Baking Powder, you will be able to create your own leavening power
through basic kitchen chemistry. Discusses the science of baking powder, plus substitutes for
both cream of tartar and baking soda. Contains 12 charts and 54 modern and historical recipes
utilizing 20 different baking powder alternatives.

Canning 101: A Primer

Lisa Barthuly
Start building your food storage today, from scratch! Canning provides a means to build your
pantry, one batch at a time …of homemade, shelf stable food for you and your family.
Not only build up your stock of healthy ‘convenience foods’ for your everyday pantry needs; but
build a long (or short!) term food storage. Everyone has a ‘rainy day’, eventually.  Be Prepared
for it! Learn to what you’ll need to start canning, where to find it and how to get started safely
canning your own healthy, delicious food and meals.
There are great ideas, lists and advice for the beginner (like me) to the most experienced preppers!
This sale ends Sunday.  Purchase this bundle at 90% off TODAY!



Buy today and Take Advantage of Bonus Offers!

Take a look at these awesome 8-bonus offers.

All American Sun Oven

SUN OVEN the Ultimate Solar Appliance! Cook, bake, boil water, steam, or dehydrate naturally
with the Sun. No energy costs no pollution, just fresh, moist food. Cooking in a SUN OVEN is
easy, fun, natural, and nutritious. Cook at temperatures of 360° to 400° F. SUN OVENS are
ideal year around for off grid living, emergency preparedness, camping, everyday use in your
back yard, on a boat or in the event of a power failure. Sun boiled freshly laid eggs will peel
easily. They can help keep your house cool in the summer by keeping the cooking heat
outdoors. When closed, this solar oven is as portable as a small suitcase.
Save $164 on a Prepper Sun Oven Bundle.

Pioneering Today Academy

Pioneering Today Academy is 5 generations of self-sufficiency knowledge in one place where
you learn how to raise your own food from livestock to fruits, veggies, and herbs, including seed
saving, butchering your own chickens, preserving the harvest with home canning, rendering
your own lard, soap making, and more.
Learn how we raise all of our own meat and a years worth of many fruits and vegetables,
preserving those vegetables and meat (+ venison), including how to smoke and can fish,
growing your own kitchen and medicinal herb garden, and how we do it while still working day
jobs. Your videos and training are ready and waiting for you.
Get 1 month free.

Trayer Wilderness Academy

Trayer Wilderness Academy would like to provide you with a month of free training at our
academy. The doors will be opening August of this year. You’ll find training on homesteading,
off-grid living, traditional, primitive, and wilderness survival skills, etc.
You will learn things such as homesteading/off-grid living with a special needs child, how we
overcame autism, cooking from scratch, catering to special diets, preserving your own food
(including meat), how to knit socks, how to build a shelter from materials in your surroundings,
blacksmithing, how to fell a tree, how to maintain your saws, how to sharpen an axe or saw and
even how to hunt, field dress, and butcher your own meat.
With an uncertain future, we are educating today for a better future for tomorrow!
Get one free month when the Academy opens August 1st.

MadeOn Skin Care

“Hard Lotion” is a lotion “bar” that is solid at room temperature and made with just three
ingredients (shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax). It is designed specifically to heal and protect
hands and feet from cracked and extremely dry skin. Our name is “MadeOn” because we sign
and date the products so that you know when it was made.
Get a FREE Bug Block Stick (just pay shipping)


Seeds For Generations

Seeds for Generations is a family business that provides organic heirloom garden seeds and
inspiration for families to garden together and produce more of their own food. Founder Jason
Matyas has gardened his entire life, and together with his wife and 7 children, they raise and
preserve most of the vegetables they eat each year. They are passionate about inspiring and
teaching others to grow more of their own food, that our families, communities, and nation would
be more self-reliant and healthy for generations to come.
Get 25% off on seeds, valid through Sep 30, 2017 for one use per customer (does not apply to
non-seed products)

Beyond Off Grid

Beyond Off Grid is a documentary film and media project devoted to inspiring and equipping you
to Return to the Old Paths of sustainable self-reliant living. Our documentary film informs why
you need to reduce your dependence on modern systems. Our online and video training brings
you experts and experienced homesteaders to teach the skills needed to survive and thrive with
a more self-reliant lifestyle.
Get 25% off the Beyond Off Grid DVD + online pass
Or get $50 off the Summit Online Course by using the link below


SCOUTbox is a monthly subscription box service built specifically for scouts, by scouts. Started
by two Eagle Scouts, the goal of SCOUTbox is to provide quality gear, accessories, and
educational materials to enhance the outdoors and general preparedness for boys, girls, and
adults from a variety of scouting programs. It’s the best way to get your kids and family
members engaged in preparedness in a fun way!
Get an extra 10% off a 3-month SCOUTbox subscription

Mike The Gardener Enterprises

We are the exclusive home for Mike the Gardener’s Seeds of the Month Club. We also provide
to you all the information you will need to turn those seeds into a bountiful harvest!
Save 40% on a Seeds Of The Month Club membership
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