Prepping for the New School Year

We are almost a week from the new school year!  It seemed like summer went fast, didn’t it? 


I can’t believe I am thinking about getting the kids all of their clothes and school supplies already.

Well, that’s only half the story.  Yes, the kids need to be prepared for back to school with comfy cloths, shoes and school supplies, but who is going to coordinate it all?  Who is going to fix the lunches?  Drive back and forth to swimming, tutors, karate, soccer, tennis and the rest?


Mom needs to take care of herself, if she is able to do all of the things she needs to do, not only to get the kids ready to go to school, but to support them with their education and make sure they are getting what they need to succeed.

If mom is dark and twisty, tired and scary, or just plain old sick, the system breaks down. 

I really don’t think it’s wrong to say that mom needs to take care of herself.  It’s essential if she is able to take care of her kids.

At least that’s what I think.

So here is how I am prepping for the new school year.




How I am prepping for a new school year…


  1. Figuring out a time that I can get to the gym everyday.  Part of feeling good, means feeling good about myself.  This means I need to get to the gym and have enough time for my workouts.  Non-negotiable.  Roya goes to preschool in the afternoon.  When the bus comes and gets her, I am off to the gym.  I have 3-hours (more than enough time) to do my thing and get back home.
  2. Proper nutrition.  Prepping foods that are healthy, clean and support my goals.  I have goals for getting leaner and stronger, and those goals aren’t accomplished in the gym.  They are accomplished in the kitchen.  Everyday, I need the food items that will keep me successful.  Non-negotiable.
  3. Proper sleep.  Make sure that everyone understands that I need 8 hours of sleep a night for my own personal health, recovery and muscle building.  This means that at the end of the day, homework has to be completed and kids into bed, so that I can get into bed.  Non-negotiable.  So, I have created a schedule that will be adhered to.  That is, kids come home and immediately do their homework.  Anything not finished should be finished immediately after dinner, no TV, no electronics.  The littles go to bed 7:30-8 PM and the biggers (9-9:30).
  4. Being consistent.  I haven’t lost 160 lbs. from being nonchalant about this entire process.  Seriously.  It’s about being present every single day.  Everyday in the gym, with the workouts, and in the kitchen.  I have approached it as a 365 day/year effort.  I watch what I eat on vacation, I train on Christmas (unless it falls on a Sunday – my traditional rest day) and I train on all birthdays, including my own.  There is no break from life, and I don’t take a break from this.  Some might not agree, but I have lost half of my body weight, and not only have I been able to keep it off, I have gotten a lot fitter and more toned in the process.  My system works and it works well.
  5. Fun.  I get to have my fun.  I workout best when I have the proper shoes necessary for my active recovery jogging and my weight lifting.  Here are some of the items I have ordered.

Wednesday is my running day.  I run once a week, and it’s imperative that I have the proper foot gear that will provide comfort and protect my joints.  My longevity in this is paramount.  If I am injured, it affects my results.  I work to hard, so I make sure I have the proper footware I need to be successful.


prepping-for-a-new-school-year-running Edge Luxe from Adidas



I like these because they are stylish, plain, and affordable.  We survive on one income – and it’s important that I get what I need within budget.


For weight lifting, I need a flatter shoe.  Running shoes have cushion and support forward motion while a training shoe is for multi-directional movement and stability.  For my weight lifting/cross training I like…


prepping-for-a-new-school-year Crazy Train Elite



I move some serious loads with these.  Plus, they will also be great for jump rope, burpees, and lighter weight/conditioning work.


Of course, you need some cute stuff- tank tops, and the like!  :). It’s always fun wearing new clothes and looking spiffy while I change my body!


Running in cool weather means that I need a jacket that’s light and will absorb the sweat.




Designed to Move Track Jacket


It’s simple.  I don’t want a hood flapping around, and it will provide comfort in cooler weather.

And something plain but cute to lift weights in!

I don’t know about you, but if I feel good in my skin, if I am happy with the way  I look,  It gives more more motivation to work harder.


Magic Logo Tank Top

How are you prepping yourself for a better school year?

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