How To Prevent Leg And Foot Injuries When Using Exercise Equipment

Today’s post comes from Sarah Jones at Kick’s Choice.  She is talking about how to prevent leg and foot injuries while working out.



One of the biggest worries when entering a really intense full body workout class or simply getting back into running, hiking and cycling, is that you can very seriously injure your feet and knees.

Knee injuries can be very serious and are normally caused by sitting all day, having an improper posture, bad balance within your feet and the incorrect shoes for the activity.

For moms who are hoping to tone up their legs in preparation for summer shorts season, you should start preparing now (winter workouts make summer bodies) and you should consider making use of machines in your workouts.

While most of the fitness fans are blasting on about the benefits of resistance training, and the use of free weights, they are all in agreement that the machines are not only useful in workouts, but also awesome for beginners who may not know what to do.


Preventing leg and foot injuries when training
Using Leg Workout Machines

The machines are particularly good for those who are lacking balance, have little range of motion or have yet to build up strength in those particular muscle groups. One of the best machines and possibly easiest to get to grips with is the leg press.

Simply sit in the seat provided, position your feet on the plate in front of you, select your ideal weight, and then press yourself forwards and backwards. This will really help to work your quads.

However, the importance of correct form cannot be stressed enough as the US Consumer Product Safety Commission found that Americans eager to improve their health have 1500 fitness related issues stemming from incorrect equipment use.

If you are afraid of the treadmill, you are not alone either as treadmills were found to be the number one reason for injuries. Still, personal trainers do insist on greater vigilance and awareness when working out.
Let’s Talk About Leg Day

Leg day is the make or break session during the week at any gym, but that shouldn’t put you off pushing out a great workout at home or at the gym. A recent study out of the UK found that women are twice as unlikely as men to engage in sports or to go to the gym for fears of being judged over their physical looks, capabilities, or for taking time to focus on themselves instead of their children.

However the study did report that at least 75% of women want to work out more and that fitness is an important factor to them. However, the question is how are you going to have a safe and effective training regimen at your local gym facility and not put yourself out-of-action for a month? It is not advisable, but it can be difficult to accomplish when you have small children running around the house.

For those moms who are completely stuck between work obligations and family commitments, and seriously wonder where they are supposed to get the time between packing lunchboxes, answering emails and running errands to fit in a workout.

Never fear because exercise equipment is here to help you out. There are plenty of tips on how to fit exercise in, from HIIT to effective lunges and doing small activities throughout the day. 

So the next time you are wondering where on earth you are going to find time to hit the gym, you will most certainly be able to with the wide range of short workout videos available.

Otherwise stay safe while working out, keep your mind focused on the movement so as to avoid injury and remember to have fun while working out, maybe try and even get the kids involved.

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How to prevent leg and foot injuries while training Kicks Choice began because Sarah is an avid fan, not just of shoes, but of a healthy active lifestyle. She focuses on lower limb health because who doesn’t want great gams, right?


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