Put Some Interest Back into your Homeschool – Take your School to the Road!

Put some interest back in your homeschool with these #tips on local learning resources


Who said learning had to be boring? Homeschooling is such a great way to get your children excited about learning. Be it using online education, an established curriculum or lenient ‘unschooling” techniques, homeschooling allows you to connect with your child on a totally different level. You are able to nurture their interests and explore their curiosities.

I know personally that it’s possible to become a slave to your curriculum.  Day in and day out – you do the same thing and learn from the same books.  After a while, it becomes daunting.  The kids become bored and restless, learning gets boring – and nobody wants to participate.

I have been there.  Believe me, I know!


Take an “Educational Vacation”

Even with the most stringent homeschool style, there are some subjects which can naturally be taken to the road – allowing everyone a different perspective – and much-needed change.


Fine Arts

Art Class

It’s time to realize that you don’t have to be an expert in everything.  And, not everything IS learned in the classroom.

Check out your local resources…

  • Museums
  • Plays
  • Symphonies

Our local symphony offers discounted mid-week performances (0.00-$6.50) per person, chaperone for up to 15 students is free.  They also offer open rehearsals for more serious music enthusiasts (middle and high school level) for free with a student ID.  It’s easy to make your own student ID or call to find out  what’s acceptable documentation for proof of homeschool.

Museums  offer homeschool art classes or tours – which would satisfy an art requirement – and be more interesting than looking at pieces of art on your home computer.

Aquariums and Science Museums will offer Discounted Days or Special programs which are geared to homeschool students.

The kids learn a ton from these immersion days – and everyone has a good time.   If it’s warm, plan for a picnic in the park, or go out to eat for  a special treat!

It doesn’t have to be involved and it doesn’t have to be expensive.  A quick 2-hour experience maybe all that’s necessary.   Many of these activities can be booked within days of the scheduled date.

These “Educational Vacations” are an excellent opportunity to spend time together as a family, to work on family bonds and to expand your child’s knowledge. Did we mention getting them excited about learning? That too.


 It’s Okay to Get Away

As with all things in life, homeschooling can be stressful.  It doesn’t mean that you have failed as a homeschool mom. It can be overwhelming to you and your child. Educational vacations are a great way to kill two birds with one stone: rejuvenate and grow your child’s knowledge of a given subject.


Homeschooling has been proven to increase the bond between parent and child. It builds a foundation of trust, security, confidence and authority that is irreplaceable. By taking this fruitful bond and expanding it to learn in different areas – by different means – you are further proving to your child your ability to provide. Not only that, but you are likely getting your child excited about learning. For those children who struggle to stay focused on their studies, or that seem to have no real inherent interest in learning, taking a local educational vacation may just be the perfect way to spark interest.


Just remember that when it comes to at-home education you have many options – that is the beauty of homeschooling. By exploring these options through activities such as educational vacations, you are further strengthening your family bond.


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