They Really Want You: Homeschoolers and Colleges – pt 1


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For some homeschooling families, thinking ahead to college may be a huge concern that can often lead to great anxiety and in some cases, abandoning the home educated course that was set from the beginning. The thought of “not getting it all”, an inadequate transcript or fear of standardized tests can all seem very daunting. The good news is that colleges are now coveting homeschoolers more than ever.

Twenty five years ago, it was more difficult for a college to take homeschoolers seriously. After all, GEDs were the choice that many families used to indicate a completed education. Unfortunately, a GED was created on a 6th grade level which didn’t represent a homeschoolers true education.

Today, homeschoolers are very desirable to the college admission counselor. They are recognizing that homeschoolers tend to be very disciplined, self-governed and enter school with great study skills. It doesn’t appear to be the thirteenth year to them and they don’t need babysitting.

Admissions counselors give out many scholarships that are wasted. By the end of the freshman year, twenty-five percent drop out and at the end of the sophomore year, fifty percent have dropped out of school. Only about one-third of all students will graduate. These counselors are looking for the students who will appreciate the scholarship, represent their school well and ultimately be a supporting alumni.

Homeschoolers are not at a disadvantage to being a candidate for college. The same criterion is used for college entrance for all students. They will need to compete an application and provide a transcript and take an entrance exam. This could be the SAT or ACT. These tests will not only provide validity for the student, but also can yield amazing scholarships.

Homeschooling families should not fear the thought of college for their students but be encouraged and equipped by having the right information on how to prepare them for the next stepping stone in their life. This is an achievable goal and students just need to put themselves out there since colleges are already looking for them.

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  1. Thank you for this! Yes it is something I think about a lot. Do homeschoolers still generally get GEDs or is there a better way to show that they have completed a grade 12 education?
    Jody recently posted…Cookies, Compassion & Chemistry for KidsMy Profile

  2. You know, honestly This is an area that I have not given much thought. However I have heard lately that many homeschoolers are even opting out of college for fear of being “dumped down”. I just take it day by day.
    Tati Moli recently posted…The “Doula” JourneyMy Profile

    • Wow. Opting out of college? A BA is the new high school diploma. I can’t imagine my kids opting out of college. It really is a necessity as far as I’m concerned. Education is so important – just in terms of the possibilities in life. I realize that not everyone thinks the same, but I am doing everything I can so that my children have the choices of all the best options. There will be nothing that they cannot achieve – and that’s the power of homechooling. For me, it’s not about shielding them from the world, but giving them the absolute best opportunity to shine. this world will be their oyster.
      Lisa recently posted…Multicultural Childrens Book – Grace at ChristmasMy Profile

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