Recipe – Bread Machine Rolls

It seems like I’m always in the kitchen feeding the kids.  Sheesh.  As soon as I’m done cleaning up from breakfast, it’s lunch.  Same thing for dinner.  I have had to resort to closing the kitchen – or else I would be there non-stop.

So, when I cook meals, I strive to go the easiest and fastest way possible.  Short cuts for me!

I love bread – especially warm, buttery, dough filled bread!  YUM.  We got our bread machine for our wedding, and 11.5 years later, it works like a charm!  So, anytime I cook bread, the bread machine is my friend.  Why knead and do all that other work if you don’t have to, right?

Here is a great recipe for bread machine rolls.



4 Tbsp butter (I always use more).

2 Tbsp butter for melting.

2 egg

3 cups flour

3/4 cup milk

1/4 sugar

1 1/2 tsp salt

1 1/2 tsp yeast



Trick #1 – Put in all the liquid ingredients first (include the butter and the salt).  It’s important that the salt not come in contact with the yeast until it’s mixing time.  Then, add the flour and sugar.  Make a well, and add the yeast.

Trick 2 – add as much better as you can stand.

Place the bread machine on the dough setting.  This way, it will stop after the kneading and rising.  Your dough should look something like this.


Rolls Dough


Take out the dough, and place it on a floured surface (I use a large wood cutting board).  I put the oven on warm to heat it up.


Bread Machine rolls


I use my hands to stretch it out, so that it’s in the shape of a rectangle and fairly even.

Then I use a knife to cut it into equal parts and place them in an oiled/sprayed/butter and floured pan to prevent sticking.  Depending on how large I make the sections, I get between 12-16 rolls.

Turn off the oven.


Bread machine rolls 1

Brush the melted butter over the rolls.  Cover the rolls with aluminum foil.  Place them in the pre-warmed oven for 30 minutes.  It’s very important that you turn the oven off, so that the rolls will not cook.

When you take them out, they will have expanded – significantly.  They should actually be touching each other on all sides.  Heat the oven to 350.

When the oven is heated, cook the rolls 10 minutes, take out and serve right away.  Be careful not to over cook.  They do cook very quickly.

They freeze like a dream.  Just put them in an air tight container or ziplock bag, and microwave.


These rolls are delicious!  Trust me.  If they are big enough, you can make sandwiches, but they also go great with any Italian meal.  They are also great sauce picker uppers!


How much do you love your bread machine?

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  1. I love, love my bread machine! We make pizza dough in it every week. My kids love the home made pretzels we make with dough from the bread maker. And I’ve made tons of different breads. I haven’t actually done rolls though. I like the idea of freezing them. Have a great weekend!
    Dawn recently posted…Friday Fragments – Time for funMy Profile

  2. I don’t have a bread machine, but if its really this easy I’m going to keep my eyes open for one at the thrift stores around here.

  3. Come to think of it, my mother-in-“love” my have an old one.
    Tati Moli recently posted…The “Doula” JourneyMy Profile

  4. I’ve tried making bread about 3-4 times, always a different problem. I’ve been wondering if I’m not kneading it properly. I’ve been thinking about trying a bread machine, but decided to wait until I could make a decent loaf. Do you think I should get a machine? Maybe I’d be successful. Thanks for the recipe:)
    Amy mayen recently posted…Halloween Hair Bows Go IgnorantMy Profile

    • You know, sometimes it’s the yeast. I meant to mention that. One time, I bought bad yeast – even though the expiration date was over 1 year away. The dough didn’t rise. From then on (cause it’s too much work and materials to throw the stuff away) I use Fleischmann, Only use yeast in the freezer department.

      The machine is so much easier, Amy. I have made bread the old way. Why work when you don’t have to? If you do the nut and dried fruit thing, it’s so easy. Being a Mom is hard enough. Why complicate things? When you can take the shortcuts, I do.

      Of course, I’m not in the running for mom of the year.
      Lisa recently posted…Recipe – Bread Machine RollsMy Profile

  5. I love bread myself and I am saving this recipe! Thank you for sharing
    Maria Stefanova recently posted…Easy Pumpkin Risotto RecipeMy Profile

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