Relax Sore and Overworked Muscles with the MyoBuddy Pro Massager


I received a MyoBuddy Pro Massager in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions expressed herein are 100% my own. 


MyoBuddy pro massager @myobuddy


I am an extremely active mom of four.  I get tired and my muscles get very tired.  There have been many times where I have wished I could just have a nice full-body massage, and now I don’t need to go to the spa to get one, and I can have it anytime I want.

Welcome MyoBuddy Pro Massager.  For recovery, mobility, circulation, fitness, relaxation and massage.  Relieve yourself from stress, chronic pain, muscle tension, circulatory challenges, scare tissue, accidents, exercise and more…at home!

It does everything!

Out of the Box: The MyoBuddy Pro Massager has the following…

User Manuel

Variable Speed Switch

User Friendly Grip

8-Foot Long Cord so that you can use it anywhere

Multi-Layer Foam Disc

white Dry-Brushing Bonnet

Blue Lotion Bonnet


MyoBuddy Feels Great!

After a long run

@myobuddy pro massager


Playing on the slide and swings in the park

@myobuddy pro massager


Recovery after a gym workout

weight lifting 2


weight lifting 1




And at home


  The MyoBuddy helps to relax and invigorate whether you are working out at the gym, at home, going on playdates,  or playing on the slide. It’s the treatment for regular life!

MyoBuddy treats acute, moderate and light muscle soreness as well as increases circulation (on the third mode).


MyoBuddy is Easy to Operate

There are 3-speeds and one button.  It’s simple.  Plug it in, push the button once for a percussive mode.  Press again for massage mode, and a third time for Friction mode.  You can use the flat surface or sides to get optimal muscle relaxation for you.

You can your MyoBuddy Massager Pro on all areas of the body.

Use MyoBuddy in harmony with massage therapy, personal training, physical therapy, yoga, chiropractic care, training, fascial therapy, relaxation/spa, home life, work life, gym life, sports life or leisure life. 

Life happens, and when you have tension, the MyoBuddy is here to help without a trip to the spa!

Just look at how easy it is!  The long cord makes it so you can treat yourself anywhere!



Learn More about the MyoBuddy Pro Massager


Visit the MyoBuddy Website HERE.  What are you waiting for.  It’s a spa treatment at home.



How do you relax after a long hard day?


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  1. I’m sore now from an extra 15 minutes of kettle bells and abs after my boxing workout. This device sounds good to me!
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