Renovating a Spare Room to Create your Own Little Fitness Haven


Guest blogger Erin Vaughan shows us how to easily convert a spare room into an awesome and functional workout space.



We all know how important it is to keep in shape, but after a long day, dragging out your workout clothes and driving all the way to the gym seems like a prison sentence. So you avoid going, and then you end up feeling terrible. Our friends at Modernize offer some helpful tips for renovating space into your own fitness haven.


But it doesn’t have to be that way! With just a few adjustments, we can be as active in our homes as we are in any gym—and virtually for free!


Give Yourself Some Room

Sorry, packrats, but if you want to work out, you’re going to need to clear some space! And one of the easiest spots is in the living room: the furniture is generally clustered around the edge of the room, leaving a relatively unobstructed space where you can sweat to your heart’s content.


If this isn’t your current set-up, however, it might be time to rearrange (moving furniture burns calories!). But if you’re too in love with your living room to change a single thing, you can also consider adding caster wheels to heavier furniture to make it easier to swing out of the way when it’s time for some lunges.


Got a huge porch or other outside area? These spots can also double as workout areas, and as a bonus, the furniture is usually lighter and easier to work with.


Picture 2


Clear Off Some Wall Space

While we’re at it, if you can, adjust your furniture so that you have at least one unobstructed space around your wall—about six feet or so of space.


That wall is all you need to turn out tons of creative exercises that will work your core, hips, shoulders and stabilizers.


Picture 3


Make Your Towels Do Double Duty

Good workouts start with a thorough stretch routine, no matter if you’re working out in a world-class gym or on your living room floor. After you’ve thoroughly warmed up, grab two towels. One you’ll lay down flat to sit on, and the other you’ll use as a band to help you get a better stretch. Grab the towel at each end and then run through some awesome stretches to get you ready for more activity.




Use the Stairs

If you’ve got stairs in your home, then you’ve already got the perfect cardio routine right at your disposal. Simply walking quickly up and down the stairs for 10 minutes can burn up to 200 calories!


You can also use your stairs to get those glutes in gear by doing some stair step-ups. Stand on the bottom stair and let your heels hang over the edge, then alternate between standing on your tiptoes and lowering your heels all the way down. Make sure to hang on to the railing! You don’t want to lose your balance and go toppling!




Buy Some Milk

Does it sound weird to talk about milk in an article about gyms? Not if you’re using the milk jugs as a weight! The handles make them extra easy to grip. Plus, a gallon of milk weighs about 9 pounds, which is the perfect weight for an awesome workout.


Once you’re finished with your cereal, wash the container out, fill it back up with water, snap on the cap, and get ready to pump some iron, er, jug!


Find a Sturdy Chair

Turns out chairs are for more than just sitting. When properly used, they can help you work your core, butt, and back to the max. Try some hardcore chair grindage for the ultimate workout.


Or, if you’re just starting out and in need of some low-key exercises, then try some seated moves that will work your inner thighs, legs, and abs. They’re so unobtrusive, you can even take them to the office and do them right in your desk chair for a bonus workout!




These workouts are so simple and convenient, you’ll be done and back on the couch in no time!


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