Reverse Diet – Final Update


Okay, I find this to be a lot of fun.  It’s fun seeing before and after pictures. 

Would you agree?

For information on what a reverse diet is, read my post on the subject HERE.  It took me 3 months to reverse out of keto, increasing carbs and calories incrementally while simultaneously decreasing fats.  I got to my high point at the end of October, where I was consuming 2000 calories, of which 200-250g carbohydrates, 150g protein, and 60g fat.

I track like it’s a black-op and I eat cleanly – choosing lean meats, healthy fats and good for you carbohydrates (as opposed to eating pizza and fried foods, etc).

Since I fast everyday, I had to decrease my fasting time in order to get all of my carbs and calories in.  This is a very important point.  Why?  Because the goal is to hold at the high point for 3-months while weight and resistance training (very little cardio) to build muscle and improve my metabolism – then cut calories and carbs, lose the access fat and water and get leaner and be more muscular than I was before.




Goal 1: Metabolism

In September I got stuck, and actually started gaining weight from the stress of the excessive cardio and constant dieting. I wanted more definition in my abs, and I wasn’t able to obtain it because my metabolism had slowed to account for the 3.5 years of calorie restriction.  I would have either had to eat less or move more, neither of which I wanted to do. 

Goal accomplished.  Yes!  In the beginning, on rest days (days when I don’t train), I struggled to get to Fitbit’s goal of 2200 calories burned.  Now on my rest days, not only do I get to 2200 calories, I exceed it.  The last month, I have burned more than 2500 calories on rest days, that’s me sitting on my butt all day!

Muscle increases metabolism.  Muscle burns more calories than fat.

This is an important goal for moving forward.  If I hadn’t improved my metabolism, it would be difficult getting leaner than I was prior to September 2017. 


Goal 2: Build Muscle

With an increase in carbs comes water and fat.  With every gram of carbohydrate consumed, 3-4g of water is stored to process it.  Excess carbs are stored as fat.  Yucky.  I tried to limit the amount of fat I gained by weight and resistance training.

I gained weight (true that) but I also gained muscle.

In this 6-month process, I did lower body 3x a week (as I was trying to build my butt).  Two days I did heavy weights low reps, and one day I did light weight high reps (or bands).  As you see from the picture, everything is bigger and more bulky. 

I’m a bulky lady.

While some people that live in this house (who should remain nameless) prefer the bulkiness (especially in my backside), I prefer a leaner slimmer look.


Goal 3: Have more definition in my abs/obtain a leaner look

To be continued.  My target “cut” date is January 27th.  I will update in a few months.


Have you ever tried a reverse diet to get leaner, maintain or bulk up?  What were your results?


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