Reverse Diet Update 5,427


If someone can bring this to the infinitum, it’s me. LOL. It’s a long way from 30g of carbs to 235g of carbs. ????


Reverse diet

I have been doing a reverse diet.  At my lowest weight, my body stopped losing weight and it was difficult to get leaner without dropping my calories significantly and/or increasing my cardio.  I am a homeschooling mom of four.  I didn’t want to increase the time working out.  I couldn’t do it.  I like to eat.  I didn’t want to be starving all the time.  Not only was it not viable, it’s not sustainable.  So I spent the last 17 weeks increasing my carbs, decreasing my fats, and increasing my calories incrementally.  I did this to build muscle and build my metabolism.

Anywho, I have made my last-carb increase. Now I’m looking for a weight gain. After months of losing or holding steady, I have seen a weight gain at 2100 calories.  Whew.  After 17 weeks of increasing carbs and calories, I have reached my metabolic max.  I have defined my metabolic  max as the point when I am eating more than I burn everyday. 


Calories burned – calories in = weight gain (metabolic max)


Whether it’s a real weight gain, I’m not sure.  I’m feeling a bit bloated, but honestly, I am having a hard time keeping up with the constant eating.  It’s not making me feel good, so I have decided to stop with the increase.  I have decreased my calories 200 calories from my metabolic max (1,900) and will hold for 10 weeks.  For the next 10-weeks I will be eating 190g carbs, 155g protein and 60g of fat. 

It’s a comfortable place for me.  I will maintain my current weight while eating a lot of food.  The carbs are a bit high, but it’s what my body needs to build my metabolism, which is what I need.


Metabolic Increase

I will continue weight and resistance training hard during this time.  The increase in carbs will help me build muscle which will increase my metabolism.  I will also continue my carb cycling schedule, which will also help to build my metabolism.  I will increase my carbs and decrease my fats on heavy and hard leg and butt days and decrease my carbs and increase my fats on rest days.


Weight training + Carbs  + Smart carb cycling = muscle = increased metabolism


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I have lost some definition in my abs, but that’s okay. After my 10 week hold, I will diet; cutting my carbs and calories, increasing my fats and cardio; hoping I will be able to get leaner while eating more food (thanks to the increased metabolism).


Limiting Fat Gain

During this time, it’s important that  I’m still weight and resistance training adding small bits of cardio; not doing cardio more than 1-2 per week (max). Eating all the carbs makes my body more insulin resistant. This means they will most likely the carbs will be stored as fat. I want to continue the weights to limit the fat storage. Ideally I want to add muscle. Muscle is what’s going to help me come February when I diet.  It’s going to allow me to get a bit leaner than I was before I started the reverse.



Are you planning any health/fitness changes in the near future?


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  1. I’m going to add in a martial arts class: Okinawan Karate with a side of Crane Kung Fu! Going to try to add two classes a week but they are late: 8-10:30pm and see if I can balance this increase in my schedule and how it makes me feel.
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