Reversing The Reverse Diet

So here we go!

I have made it!  30 lbs heavier, my reverse diet ended and 2 weeks post-reverse, I have lost 10 Lbs. of water weight.


The picture on the left is prior to the reverse diet. I was on my way up calories and carbs. This was in August. I got to 200g carbs and 2000 calories on or around November 17th, 2017.



The idea of the reverse was to improve my metabolism, obtain a better muscle to fat ratio, to build my glutes (butt), and be able to get leaner than I was before.  The body parts I wanted to improve were my butt and my abs.

The most important goal,  I wanted to maintain a manageable weight eating as much as possible while limiting the amount of cardio I had to do each day.



The picture in the right is me yesterday (Feb 6, 2018). This is 9 days post reverse diet. I have been keto for 9 days.

I am also 20 lbs heavier in the picture on the right and I’m eating 1800 calories a day – and losing – So far, 10-lbs of water weight.

I still have a lot of fat to lose as my abs are just starting to come out and say hello.




I’m expecting to see progressively more definition in my abdominal region over the next 6 months.


Where am I headed?

I like the idea of looking better and eating more. I continue with the weight and resistance training with HIIT interspersed.  I’m not doing cardio as traditional cardio is done.  For better fat loss, I’m doing full body weight and resistance workouts.  In between body parts, I’m doing small 5-10 minute tabata or HIIT sessions to increase my heart rate and stimulate my metabolism.

Since I am in training for a fun run which is taking place in June, I am doing one day where I run for 20-30 minutes to work on building my endurance.

It’s the best of all worlds.  I’m not doing endless amounts of cardio to obtain results I cannot maintain.  I’m eating plenty of whole foods, I’m fasting, I am training and I am happy with a regimen that works.


Of course I’m not sure when that will happen.  I can control a lot of things, but where I gain and lose weight, I have no control. I’m taking it five pounds at a time and then making a decision.

How the process has changed me

The weight loss is a lot different from last time. It’s not so much about getting to a certain number.

It’s more about creating a lifestyle that I love and can easily maintain – and also getting a look that I love. It’s about both things.

The reverse diet has done what I expected it to do. I think I have built some nice lean muscle that makes me look and feel lean and strong – even if the scale says I’m not too lean. ????

I have some love handles and things I want to go away – but I’m really happy I went through it and held on through the bloat, the reflux, the heavy and the weight gain.

Questions about the weight loss process, or wondering if a reverse diet is for you?


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  1. Lisa, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of the reverse diet! I’ve never dieted, but I limit my sugar intake to never more than 6 teaspoons a day. Something different works for everyone. You seem super fit. Enjoy that fun run!
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