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Title:  Les Aventures d’Enzo/The Adventures of Enzo – Un lion pas comme les autres/A different sort of lion

Author:  Sonia Colasse

Illustrator: Sarah Bainton

Publisher:  Solo Infinity

Year of Publication:  2012


The Adventures of Enzo – Series Trailer




Enzo was born in 2000, coming out with just one single hair on his head.  Through the 12 bilingual books that he appears in, he shares adventures great and small with his family, his human friends, and his animal friends (astrological signs) – always learning an important lesson in the process.

In A Different Sort of Lion, the story starts with Enzo being sad to see his two little friends go home.    After taking them to the airport, Enzo, Taurus and his family meet a very special lion.  This lion teaches that Enzo and his family that you should never be fooled by appearances.

Written in English and in French, The Adventures of Enzo is not only a cute, fun and easy to read adventure for any child – but also a great learning tool for children learning to speak French.  Throughout this book series, your children will learn the simple lessons necessary for life: courtesy, respect, sharing, kindness, etc – while being engaged by simplistic colorful pictures that they will identify with and understand.



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About Sonia Colasse

img_sonia Sonia Colasse is a poet since the young age of 9 years old, originally from Brittany in France. She likes pen, paper, and wordplays.  A songwriter at first, Sonia will wait until she meets her husband Laurent Colasse in 2007 to start writing stories that set themselves apart from other ones.  Sonia is under the charm of Laurent’s concept. She writes her first story in 2009, at the birth of their son Enzo. Sonia then starts several little stories for all the children of the world. Inspired by some of Sarah Bainton’s drawings, the birth of her son and hope for the future.  Sonia and Laurent are the parents of four children, one of them being their own.

You can visit Sonia on the Web, Twitter and Facebook.


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  1. This sounds like such a cute book! I live in Italy, however, I teach a lot of English classes to children who speak French (and Italian!). I’m going to check into this book – could be great for them to practice English but have a little help when they don’t recognize the words.
    Thanks for sharing!!
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  2. Sarah Elyce says:

    Our first is due in October so I am hoping to find some of my old books at my Mom’s house to bring over here. I especially remember the Peter Rabbit books.



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