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Playing Hertopia

Are you looking for a safe a and educational online experience for your up-and-coming little gamer?

In Herotopia, you create super heroes that complete tasks.  Your child will play a variety of games to complete the tasks and win tokens – which then he/she can use to purchase items in the game.


 Product: (an educational and safe online game for kids)

Year Created: 2010

Background:  Get your young child excited about reading with Herotopia!  A new and safe online experience for younger children.  Work through missions and play games to earn coins in this interactive online learning adventure!

Membership Prices: Free – $49.95/12 months


Review:  Sign up is extremely easy.  Just enter your childs information, enter your email – to verify your childs account and receive 100 free tokens, and login.  It’s that easy  The game is totally online based, so unlike Wizard 101, Roblox and Minecraft, there are no files to download to your computer – therefore no danger of annoying and inappropriate pop-up ads.

Added bonus!

When you sign in for the first time, you can create your customize your character, by chosing  its gender, hair, skin color, eye color, mask color, robe color and cape color.  It’s all incredibly straight forward and easy.

Once you enter the game, you can pull up the map and travel all around the world.  Just pick your location – and you are off!  Or you can choose to work on your mission – earn XP (experience), acquire tokens and advance.  It’s up to you!  Your child  can travel to Paris, The North Pole, and to New York just to name a few places.   Once the child picks a location, he/she will see a joystick where games are available or he/she can shop – if your child wants to purchase  items with tokens.  After you purchase a membership, there is no expensive of buying of additional tokens.

Once you choose a game, you will see clear and easy to read instructions.  If you have a non-reader,  he/she will need direction from you.   We travelled to paris and played map games where we found places on the globe – bodies of water, continents, countries, and states by size and shape.  The maps were pretty clear and accurate.  Some of the states didn’t look like the state, but appeared as small dots – such as Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland and Delaware.   The child would find them by location on the map, rather than size and shape.

Hertopia Maps


We also played a skateboard game in Beijing where we tried to collect coins, avoid obstacles, do tricks on our way to the finish line.  No blood and gore here, even when you fell into a hole or didn’t land a trick.

Skate Board Collage - Hertopia


They do not allow free chat in this game – to keep the online experience safe for all!  There is a chat menu with predetermined phrases.  You just click the chat icon to bring up the list of phrases from the chat menu.  Choose your phrase and voila, it appears instantly on-screen.  You even have different languages to choose from.


Chat Menu - Hertopia


This online experience is  interactive.  You can friend other super heroes to chat with in private chat, customize your hide-out (house),  invite friends to your hide-out and much-much more!  Your child buys furniture and other trinkets to decorate their hide-out  in the shop with the tokens that they earn playing the games.

Your child can have an enriching experience playing for free – or you can pay for an all access pass – and  open doors to places unavailable to non-members.  You can adopt a side kick (or pet that will help you on your missions) and play additional games and have additional exciting learning experiences.   Memberships are affordable, and cheaper than the popular Minecraft, Wizard 101 and Roblox – Starting only at $5.95/month, $29.95/6 months and $49.95/year.

Rating: 5 Stars

Age Range: 3-10

If you have a non-reader, get them excited about reading!  You will find that the child not interested or motivated to read – will quickly become not only interested, but actively reading within a few months.  Children want to – (and are motivated)  know and understand what other characters are saying so they can interact.

Herotopia Gets the Gold Award from NAPPA (The National Parenting Publication Awards)


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Check Herotopia out for yourself


What do you think about using online gaming – in a responsible manner – as a method for teaching children to read, about geography, etc?  I would really like to hear your opinion.


 I received an All Access Subscription in exchange for his review, however, all opinions stated herein are 100% my own.

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