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I received the Rhyming Mega Bundle and Sand and Water Sensory Table Cards in exchange for an honest review.  Despite this, the opinion and pictures stated/shown herein are 100% my own.




The Preschool Rocks Curriculum Bundle is 71% off at Educents.  It’s a comprehensive bundle which includes…



Sand and Water Sensory Table


Preschool Bundle - Sand and water table
We had a lot of fun with the sand and water tables. 


Water table

I loved how she offered a lot of options for creating the water table.  I wasn’t prepared to buy a sand a water table, and didn’t want to spend a lot of money to complete these activities.  She gave a lot of options!  We opted to use a baby bathtub which fits into the sink and covered it with aluminum foil.  It worked really well.  We did the following activities.


1.  we bought a fishing pole and fish at the dollar store.  She spent time fishing the fish out of the water.  Surprisingly, she had a lot of fun with this activity.  I thought it would frustrate her, but it didn’t.

Fishing at the water table - preschool Rocks bundle at educents
2.  We tossed in a variety of objects and determined whether they would sink or float.  Items included teddy bear counters, pennies, 1″ colored tiles, crayons, linking cubes, and boats that we made (with craft sticks and packing peanuts).  After we tossed them in, we took them out using tongs.
Water table activities
3.  Using cute sponges we got from the dollar store, she washed some of my dirty Tupperware.  She actually liked this, so I’m like – keep doing it!
Washing dishes with Preschool rocks water table activities


Sand Table

For this, I purchased sand at Home Depot ($4.19).  I placed it in a clean (unused) round kitty litter pan and placed it on top of a small kids table.  I opted to use the sand, but if you don’t want to use sand, she gives a lot of viable options, including leaves – which are in abundance in our backyard. 

We had fun with the following activities…


1.  I put a variety of multi-colored pom-poms in the sand – many of which I buried.  She had two tasks.  One, to find the pom-poms and take them out with tongs.  Two, to separate the pom-poms by color.

separating pom poms by color in the sand table


2.  Using words and pictures available in the bundle, I cut them apart and glued them to craft sticks.  I then asked my daughter to match the words with the pictures.


Match the picture with the word


3.  Then, I had the idea that she could build actual words, but this activity needs some revision.  I printed vowels and the consonants that we have learned and put them in the sand table – consonants on one side and vowels on the other.  She was to pick two consonants and one vowel and make  funny word or real word.  This idea was inspired by the bundle, but wasn’t an activity directly from the bundle


Funny word - real word sand table activity


This needs to be changed.  I’m going to get 3 different colors of cardstock and direct her to take one of each color and make the word.  I will put many fewer letters in the sand.  Even thought this seems like a difficult task, this was her favorite activity.


4.  We talked a little bit about weight, by shoveling sand into a balance, and then she had free time with Barbie on the beach!

Fun with weight and barbies



Rhyming Mega Bundle

I haven’t yet talked to Ava about Rhyming.  We have read a lot of stories in Rhyme, so I thought this was the perfect bundle for her – and I was right.  She loves cutting, pasting, and coloring – and this bundle had a lot of it! Plus, it gave me the opportunity to teach her about rhyme. She really enjoyed all of the activities – and caught on to the concept right away.

I really liked the way she organized the bundle. She started talking about and identifying word families, -ig, ag, at, etc. Then you listen for the word families to find words that rhyme. There are lots of games, lots of coloring, lots of cutting and lots of matching.

This bundle is stellar!

Rhyming mega bundle at educent

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