Scrapbooking for your College Bound Child

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Beating Homesickness: How a Scrapbook Will Help Your College Kid

It’s an exciting time for both you and your child.  The college acceptance letters are rolling in, and maybe for the first time, your child will be living away from home.  It’s a changing from the familiar to the unfamiliar.   Your child is about to embark on something new: college.


While some students live close to home, others travel across state lines and even the country to earn their higher education. This time away from mom and dad is a period of growth and adjustment. For many, it’s the first time they’ve experienced homesickness.


But the good news is there’s a way to bring the comforts and joy of home to college: a scrapbook. Think of a scrapbook as combination journal and photo album. It documents important life events like birthdays and graduations. It highlights family vacations and proud achievements. Scrapbooks have the power to bring happiness and wonderful memories to even the most distant traveler. Here are some scrapbook ideas for how to create the perfect scrapbook for your college bound baby.


A Scrapbook: Through the Years


One tried and true scrapbooking idea is to create a book that highlights the important life events of your child and family from every year up ‘til now. Let’s take a look at the materials you will need to build your own custom scrapbook.


Materials Needed:


10 Sheets of cardstock (Color optional)

5 Sheets of patterned paper

Roll of double-sided tape

 Glue stick

5 Pens (Assorted colors)

 Hole Punch (Optional)

 Roll of Ribbon (Optional)

Pair of straight-edge scissors

2 Pair of patterned scissors (Optional)

 Exacto knife

Embellishments (Stickers, ticket stubs, postcards, etc.)


Next Steps: Making the Scrapbook

Select the theme of the scrapbook. Is it devoted to family vacation memories or sports star moments? Once you have decided, gather pictures, stickers and other mementos that can lie flat in a book. You will want to gather any tangible item that will jog your child’s memory that pertain to the theme of the scrapbook.


To help ease your child’s homesickness, make the theme of the scrapbook about family.


Fill the first few pages with images of their first steps, first words favorite foods. Move onto the first day of school, first soccer game, favorite subjects in school, school plays, and awards won. Fill the pages with memories that have led to this point in their academic career. Maybe your child came in first place at the science fair. You can use their blue ribbon in the scrapbook next to a picture of them frozen in front of their project in the school gym.


Have images of the family together on your first camping trip. Family vacations are always entertaining and bound to be story ridden. Highlight the trips with grandma or the incredible adventures throughout Europe.


Finally, end your scrapbook with inspiration for their college and future plans. Maybe you made a college visit to the campus? Perhaps a family member was an alumnus? Include tokens to show your child how proud you are of their achievements and how excited you are for their bright future. The memories to choose from are endless, but organizing your scrapbook by year should help to alleviate that inundated feeling.


Now that you’ve gathered all of your materials and have thought about what the greatest memories are to highlight, it’s time to compose your scrapbook. Pick out a piece of construction paper. Glue one or two photos to the page. Add any embellishments necessary to reconstruct that memory.  You may choose to write below the photos a caption, catchphrase, date, or quote that is significant for your child. Fill the pages with wonderful thoughts, fun adventures, and timeless treasures.


Your child will always have a precious keepsake to remember the family that helped them achieve all their dreams and reach their goals. Plus, sharing their photos and memories can help new friends discover commonalities and bond in their new environment. Goodbye loneliness and hello happiness!


Have you ever created a scrapbook?


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