Selecting the Best Nursery School for your Child



Looking for nurseries in Wandsworth, England? Nurseries is just another term for childcare services offered to children ages 0 to 5. And in Wandsworth, expect an enriching experience for your kids as they trot through their childhood. If you’re considering enrolling your child at a nursery at Wandsworth, here are 4 things you should know about:


  1. Wandsworth is super child friendly

Wandsworth is an amazing place filled with parks and recreational areas your kids will love. It has a lot of green spaces such as Clapham, Battersea Park, and Tooting and Putney Commons, to name a few. It’s home to a lot of excellent schools and transportation is a breeze. The kids will definitely not run out of things to do. There are also several child-friendly cafes in the area with designated play spaces and courteous staff. One of them is Eat Play Love in Battersea, and Bertie & Boo in Balham.


  1. Types of nurseries in Wandsworth

Depending on your needs and available schedule, there are several types of nurseries you can enrol your child in. There are day nurseries who cater to infants up to toddlers of age five. There are also private nurseries that are run by a private sector. They cater from ages 2 and a half to 5 years old, and are usually open part time. There are independent schools too that cater to bigger age groups, usually 3 to 11. And just like private nursery schools they are usually open part time. Lastly, preschool playgroups are facilities providing areas for small groups of children to learn and play. They’re usually non-profit and are run by volunteer groups.


  1. Finding nurseries

Nurseries in Wandsworth must be registered with Ofsted (Office Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills). Aside from that they should be recognized by the Local Authority to establish early education places. If you don’t know how to go about looking for nurseries in the area, visiting Wandsworth’s online Children’s Service Directory will give you ideas. It provides a free listing of nurseries within Wandsworth and allows you to search for establishment via postcode. The online portal has links to nurseries according to location, so it won’t be hard for you. Whether you’re located in Balham, Battersea, or Southfields, the local government site has a complete listing of everything you need. That includes the name of the school, a short description, complete address, contact number, email, and website. Pretty neat!


  1. Choosing early education
    In England, children ages 3-5 are entitled to good quality part-time early education. And the parents are given the chance to enrol their kids in early education once they hit the age of 3. This phase is an exciting time for the kids, and a chance to start early at school gives them a firm foundation for future years. Children can attend a maintained school which is Wandsworth Council School, or a choose a different provider under the non maintained sector. This includes childminders, playgroups, independent school, or nursery school.


Early education consists of up to 570 hours in an academic year. This can be split to 15 hours a week if the nursery is open up to 38 weeks. It could also be fewer hours if the nursery is open for more weeks, also known as stretched entitlement. This program is helpful in teaching your kids to socialize and enjoy learning, as well as prepare them for the more structured educational programs ahead of them.

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