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I had a night out with an exceptional violin/piano concert and dinner – and the day of, I realized that I had zero formal attire.  I have been so concerned with workout gear and everyday wear, that it didn’t occur to me that I needed something formal in my size.  I don’t go out often, and after losing 140 lbs., all of my dresses are like 8 sizes too big.

Yeah, I pulled something together but realized that I needed a few formal dresses in my size for those special occasions, graduations, concerts, cocktail parties, etc.  I really enjoy going to the theater and getting dressed up, so I am hoping to do more as the kids get older and more independent.  It’s like a preparing for another stage in life!

I was searching online because it’s so much easier for me to shop online than drag 4 kids through the store.  Plus, I can browse at my leisure.  I found this great shop, Muee, that offers nice dresses at an extremely affordable price.  Whatever you are needing, they have a dress for the occasion, including wedding dresses, homecoming dresses, and first communion dresses.

Are you looking for the perfect dress for your daughter’s Quinceanera?  Muee offers elegant styles that are easy on the wallet.


affordable quinceanera dresses #fashion

Want to pick-up something for you as well.  Lots of formal dresses in many styles and sizes!

They even offer cheap wedding dresses and lace wedding dresses!


Dresses in all sizes

While I have made the decision to lose weight and get fit, everyone is in different stages.  I like to promote companies who understand this and value women and women’s fashion in a multitude of sizes.  Muee offers dresses from size 2-26!


Check Muee out online!

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