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According to my very unscientific mommy poll, I find that either Math or Reading are the areas where kids struggle the most to understand/get/love.  It’s either one or the other.  With reading, they just don’t like what is given to them to read – or at least that’s my opinion.  If the kids were interested and excited about what they were reading – there would be more incentive to read and enjoy it.  With math – I think it’s different.  There seems to be three groups.


Group 1

The ones where it comes very easy.  They are ahead of the game.


Group 2

They are good at math, but it makes them work.  It doesn’t come as easily – and the thinking makes their brains hurt (heard this many times at my house from my son).  This group would rather do something else that comes easily.  This group just needs encouragement to keep working at it.  Eventually, things will click, and in time and they will be on their way.

In my house, you will often hear me say – I’m glad it’s not as easy – because it teaches you to work hard – and that will help in the long-term.


Group 3

These kids loathe math.  These kids don’t want to go to school – because of math.  You will often hear them say…

I hate Math

I’m not good at math

I just don’t get it

It’s not that they are not good or they are not capable.  It’s the school system or their parents who have failed them and set them up for a lifetime loathing of math.

According to the bureaucracy, these kids are often working at a lower level (whatever that means).  Maybe they are taken out of their classes during math and sent to the “remedial” room – or the “special needs” room.  Great for the psyche – yes?  You might hear their parents say – Little Timmy isn’t great in Math, but he is excellent in sports.  So they feel that they are not good – when in fact it’s that their teachers have not learned how to teach them the way they need to be taught and their parents are not encouraging it.


Insert Splash Math.

Here is another way of reinforcing material – that’s fun and encouraging.  Over 4 million kids, educators and parents have used Splash Math on their iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone – to help kids reinvent their math learning.  It’s been so widely successful in the iOS world, that Study Pad Inc. has brought it to PC, allowing everyone to be open to the fantastic content.  So here is a way to pick and choose the areas that your child is having trouble with – work on those areas at home on the computer, to build confidence which will breed success.

Take a look at the press release.

Splash Math is divided into grade levels 1-5 aligned with the “core curriculum”.  Once you choose the child’s grade level, it’s further divided-up into subject areas, like decimals, ordering numbers, dividing by 2, etc.

splash Math grade level division

You pick the area, and complete the 20 questions.

Splash math can also be used independently.  If the child works alone, Splash Math will create reports that parents can access to track their child’s progress.

Take a look at this video.



In our homeschool, we use Splash Math as extra practice – that’s different from our core curriculum.  By seeing the same concept applied in a different way helps Hadyn to get a firmer grasp on the material.

Just as a note, we are not always in grade 4.  I think that’s the beauty of Splash Math.  It is truly customizable.  Some areas, he needs a better foundation – so we go back to grade 3 to reinforce skills – which then makes his overall experience better.

So, if you child is ahead in one area, and not fully understanding in another – you have the ability to go back and forth, here and there.

Because of the ability to customize, it can really be adapted to any child.

That is a really nice feature of the program.

Sign up is really easy.  If you have a Google account, you can sign in – is a breeze.  If you are wanting to try it out for a week, and see how it works for your child – you can sign up for a free 7 day trial – NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED.  No need to have to worry about canceling so that your credit card will not be charged.

Awesome, right?  It’s the true no obligation tour of Splash Math.

You can sign up here.

So, what are you waiting for?

When you are ready for purchase, use SQUISH20 to get a 20% discount of the monthly or yearly subscription!


What do you think?  Would Splash Math Benefit your child?




I received compensation to write this post, but I tried Splash Math and love it.  The opinions stated herein are 100% my own.

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  1. I am very excited to have my daughter try this program she struggles in math so hope this will help

  2. My daughter is struggling with certain concepts and online games definitely help keep her interested and reinforce the material. My only “wish” would be that more of the games would teach, not just reinforce. So when a child gets the answer wrong, it wouldn’t just say “the correct answer is 9” but actually have a voice-over or maybe even some kind of virtual whiteboard pop up to give an explanation of the concept.
    Anne Sweden recently posted…GoGo squeeZ AppleSauce on the Go!My Profile

  3. My daughter is like a little sponge right now. I am excited to try this out.
    Andrea recently posted…10 Ways to Encourage a GirlfriendMy Profile

  4. Gale McCarron

    Thank you for the review. My days of raising children are over but I’m always on the lookout to find helpful things for my Grandchildren. This system seems ideal!

  5. Mia Dentice Carey

    I can’t wait for my son to try this out!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Both my kids actually love math – my daughter even asked me last week to order her some math books – so Splash Math might be a fun way for them to do more at home.
    Kriss MacDonald recently posted…Nightmare on Candy StreetMy Profile

  7. Dorothy H says:

    I think my 3rd grader would like this. He has a reading game he loves and I’ve been looking for something similar that could help with math.

  8. Avon Shay

    Thank you for such a thorough review. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one. My grandkids could really benefit from the Splash Math program. One is just beginning his academic journey (4 yrs. old) and the other, 11 yrs old is currently struggling with math.

  9. Petit Ours says:

    I would love to win this giveaway!

  10. Splash Math sounds like a great online program that my daughter would love! I also love that there is a “back office” for us parents. Thanks for sharing!


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