11th Anniversary and Squishable Baby Reviews!

Today is Bryant and my Anniversary!  We have been married for 11 years – and together for – ugh….18!

Yes, it took him 7 years to actually propose and marry me.

I will celebrate with some awesome reviews – and some wedding pictures!

This is really going to do a very short and to the point blog post.  Hahaha!

Do you think it can actually happen?


The Squishable Baby has had some great reviews as of late!  Check them out.

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The Wedding 11 years ago

I am going to show some pictures in honor of our 11th anniversary.   11 years ago, the digital age was coming about.  Ours was the first wedding where they used the digital camera.  I was sad because I really loved how they captured images on film, and I didn’t know much about digital cameras.

All these pictures are pictures in my album.  They are actually pictures of pictures – because it was soooooo amazingly expensive to get the digital copies.  We paid 5K for our wedding photography package, I paid more for extra pictures.  $20.00 per picture for the digital file just wasn’t in the cards.  I’m regretting that now.

So, without further ado…

The theme of this wedding was simple elegance.  I wanted it to be timeless.

And, here is a picture of my on my wedding day – 11 years ago.  We got married on the Smith College Campus.

Wedding Day

That dress and veil was made for me.  It was made out of silk satin.  The cathedral length veil had the same fabric as the dress along the edge.  You can see it a bit in the picture.  That necklace and the earrings (you can’ really see them) were made for my by my dear mother.

My Mom and Me.  See the earring.  She made that too!

Mom and me 1 Mom and me 2

The beautiful dress.  Ho hum.   The Bolero jacket was awesome!

Dress 3 Dress 2 Dress 1

My Dad and I walking down the aisle.  You can get a sense for how long the dress and train were.

Walking down the aisle

Hubby and I and the minster.  Yes, that was a wreath of fresh ivory and peach roses.  That candle has a simple N – which was done in beads.


A shot in the rose garden

Garden pose

Hair embellishment – so simple

Hair detail

Custom Invitations.  Our invitations were printed by hand in calligraphy and that peach colored rose was hand painted on each and every invite and card.

Pendragon invitations

Our choreographed dance.  Yep, we took ballroom dance lessons!


They only thing I didn’t like about our wedding day – was the fact that there were carnations in my centerpieces.  I should have asked someone to take those out.  11 years later and I still remember those carnations.  The centerpieces were overflowing with peach and ivory rose.  So beautiful.  Those carnations destroyed and cheapened the look and feel of the entire arrangement – which I thought out carefully.  What were those designers thinking?

Yuck.  🙂

Nope, not a short post.

What good memories do you remember about your wedding?

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  1. So gorgeous! Did you go to Smith? I went to Emma Willard, an all girls boarding school, and I am determined to have E have an all girls/all women education experience in her lifetime. It made a world of difference for me.
    I love the bit about the carnations, we had a small wedding and the cake chef put these horrible flowers all over my cake that I didn’t ask for or want, I ran over in my dress when we arrived at the reception and started picking them off, still irks me now!
    Happy anniversary!
    Olivia recently posted…Why and How We Make Our Own Baby Food for EMy Profile

    • Yes I did go to Smith – and loved it!

      It was the best 4 years of my life. What a great experience it was. I am so glad that you also had a great experience. I would love it if Ava attended Smith!

      Hahahaha! It’s so funny what irks a bride. All you ask is that they do what you want. That would irk me as well!

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a great start to the work week.
      Lisa recently posted…11th Anniversary and Squishable Baby Reviews!My Profile

  2. What a gorgeous bride you were. And what a beautiful wedding. Very elegant. Your mother is beautiful as well. She reminds me of my grandmother. 🙂 Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!!! And pray for many more for you. I didn’t have a wedding but did run across a photo of a bride and groom in NYC once and my hubby gave his permission for me to pretend like it was us. lol Yes, sometimes I can be weird. 😉 When I was on FB it was my profile pic. ha

  3. I see blissful joy in your smile with a sprinkle of love in your eyes. (And two shall be one! Love surpasses all.) What carnations? Lol
    Tati (Writer Mom) recently posted…My Homemade Pregnancy Test {Gone Wrong!}My Profile

  4. You are so unbelievably gorgeous! Your smile…and the pics of you and mom are priceless!!! We got married when Bella was 1 year old:) we eloped…I regret not getting better photos. I think well have a big 10 yr wedding anniversary and do a wedding, since the fam is all still mad we ran away& didn’t tell anyone lol!
    Amy mayen recently posted…12 Best Boy Doll PatternsMy Profile

  5. 1Happy Anniversary! Your wedding looked beautiful!
    Leslie recently posted…The Perfect DateMy Profile

  6. So beautiful! I love the custom mom made jewelry and that you had a jacket. I had a sheer dress lengthed jacket thingy, I loved it! I think I would like to do a similar post on our tenth (coming up). It will be fun to think back. I has a fun time at mine. I didn’t enjoy planning it but on that day it was fun!
    Ann recently posted…Nature PrintsMy Profile

  7. Your wedding photos are georgous, and filled with abundent smiles 🙂 Wishing you both many more years of happiness!!
    Kim recently posted…Arnold Palmer Drinks (and a tribute to Robert Palmer)My Profile

  8. Happy Anniversary! Absolutely beautiful wedding!
    Lauren recently posted…SSS – TruBaby Everyday Play All-Natural SunscreenMy Profile

  9. Beautiful photos! Made me remember my wedding! Happy Anniversary! <3
    Jhanis recently posted…GUEST POST: Scoot! I am a better blogger than you!My Profile

  10. Wonderful pictures! Happy Anniversary!
    Maria Stefanova recently posted…Parent Support…In Crappy PicturesMy Profile

  11. Hey – I went to Smith too! And senior year we lived in Friedman – right behind the Helen Hills Hills Chapel – no sleeping on a Sunday with those bells! What year did you graduate? I did in 1995
    Ann recently posted…Orange cranberry sugar cookiesMy Profile

    • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I graduated in 1997! I was a 4 year Talboteer. Talbot was located across from the Davis student center (I loved loved loved those cookies by the way!). It was right next to the campus school. It looked like a barn. Loved it!

      Friedman was one of those “odd” buildings. Wasn’t it Friedman/Cutter? I thought those buildings stood out so much.

      I Loved Smith! It was the best four years of my life. I just loved those four years. I was so sad to graduate and move on. I wish I could have it back.

      Thank you so much for stopping by!
      Lisa recently posted…Walking – It’s Good For the Planet and for You!My Profile

      • Friedman was the 1970’s style apartments right behind the chapel. I did live in Cutter which was attached to Ziskind my first 3 year. All of my Smith years were in the most modern buildings! Don’t worry, my parents lived in an old Victorian so I didn’t miss out on anything. I loved Smith too! It was so hard to graduate and I do try and get back to the bulb show every year.
        Ann recently posted…Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

      • Ahhh, yes. I remember. I think they used those for upper class women (in my day at least). I don’t think I have ever been in an apartment!

        I do see Smith enough.
        Lisa recently posted…5 Among Friends – Round 2My Profile

  12. Wow breath taking pics! You looked lovely. Have a great Anniversary!

  13. I know this post was almost a year ago but I just came across it. My husband and I were together for 7 years before we were married too! Coming up on our 7 year wedding anniversary next month. Your pictures are beautiful! And I had carnations at my wedding too. They were dyed a deep purple because they couldn’t get the tulips I wanted in that color. I don’t think they looked too bad; at least that’s what I’m telling myself! 🙂
    Julie recently posted…Breastfeeding: The Case For Doing What’s Right For YouMy Profile

    • Hey Julie,

      Congratulations! 7 years is so awesome!

      HAHA, the carnations. I think carnations are very beautiful en masse. It’s funny because I paid over 3K for my flowers, and I was mad about the carnations. It’s funny to me that you even mentioned it. I am so glad that you brought this back up – because my stupidity makes me smile.

      Deep purple carnations sound really beautiful. That’s one reason to have them – they are easily dyed!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Lisa recently posted…When you Change your Mind, You Will Change your Body – Overcoming ExcusesMy Profile

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