Staying Safe While Running Alone


As part of my training routine, I run or do some other form of longer distance cardio one day a week.  As a homeschooling mom, there is always someone with me.  Even when I go to the gym alone, there is always people working out around me.  Sometimes, a woman just needs to be by herself, you know?

I love running alone.  It’s me, my music, my thoughts and the trail.  There isn’t anyone talking to me – making incessant conversation.  I don’t have to cater to anyone else’s needs, desires, timing or otherwise.  I am left alone to my thoughts.

I have my best ideas while I am running!  I love the smells of nature and the feeling of the dirt under my feet.  I look forward to my weekly runs.

Because of my semi -anti-social personality, I tend to run on deserted trails – off the beaten path.  While this offers relief for me personally, I must stay aware of things going on around me.  There is a danger of someone abducting/killing/hurting me – and nobody will be around to hear me cry out.

While I am in pretty good shape, I’m not sure about my ability to fight off a man who is stronger than I am.

I have created a few safeguards to help me continue running (living) into my golden years!



  1. Carry some sort of emergency protection.  Mace is a good choice, a knife…something that can fit easily into my little pocket in my running pants.  This is important if your run into wildlife.  I once ran into a fox, that was clearly sick.
  2. Don’t create predictable patterns. 
    1. I leave at different times of day. Sometimes at 5:30 AM, sometimes at 9.  This is important for leaving for the gym so early in the morning.  I don’t have patterns each day.  Sometimes I don’t go to the gym until the afternoon.
    2. I go to different trails.  Not even my hubby knows where I will be.  Or if I go to the same general trail, I follow different paths.  But I try not to go to the same trail twice in a row.  It’s always fun exploring and finding new trails! 
    3. Do something else sometimes.  Sometimes, I don’t run at all and decide to go swimming at the gym.  This way, if someone wants to grab me, they will have to do it at the pool :).  Difficult, but not impossible.
    4. Change your days around.  Typically I have my leg day on Wednesday and run on Thursday, but can and do change.  Some one week, I might run on a Monday, or a Sunday.
  3. Run with confidence – head up and strong stance.  If they think they can overpower you, they will.
  4. Carry a cell phone.  Easy if you have an iPhone or smart phone with your music.  If you fall or otherwise hurt yourself, you will be able to call for help. 
  5. Be aware of what’s going on around you at all times.  Keep the music low so you can hear movements and approaching steps.
  6. Don’t run in the dark.  When I have to run super early, if it’s not light out, I swim or run the treadmill at the gym.  On the trails I run on, there are a lot of large rocks, downed trees, sticks and such that would be dangerous in the dark.  It’s also difficult to see runners if you are driving – even if they have reflective jackets or lights.
  7. Tell someone (spouse, mother, father, etc) where you will be.  Don’t be like me!


What have I missed?  What tips do you have that I should add to the list?


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