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I received a year access of Standard Deviants Accelerate in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions stated herein are 100% my own.  This post contains affiliate links.  If you click on a link and purchase an item, I will receive a small commission which I will use to run this blog.




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Standard Deviants Accelerate is an online program which offers supplemental learning in 14 core areas for children in grades 3-12.  The core areas include…

Arithmetic – Grades 3+

Fundamental Math – Grades 4+

Earth Science – Grades 6+

Nutrition – Grades 6+

Algebra – Grades 7+

Biology – Grades 7+

Chemistry – Grades 9+

English Composition – Grades 9+

US History – Grades 9+

AP Series – Grades 11+



US Government and Politics

English Composition

US History

 It includes a teachers portion and a students portion.

Note: This program is designed for supplemental learning – not a full term homeschool schedule  – like K12 might.


Standard Deviants Accelerate – Teachers Menu

When you sign-up, you will create a log-in for the parent.  Here, you will be able to create courses for your children – based on their needs.  So, if your child needs extra help in Math, you would add a math course.


adding subjects on Standard Deviants Accelerate for online learning @SDAccelerate


The computer will generate a code, which you will then give to your child so he/she can register for the course under his/her own username and password.

NOTE:  You will have to log out of the parent section in order to log in to the student section.  Any work completed under the parents account will not be graded or scored, so make sure you log out and log into the student account!

In addition to adding courses, you can also view your students progress, access grades, and finishing grading the work that isn’t graded automatically (written sections).


Standard Deviants Accelerate Student Account

Your child will register with their own email address and password.  Here, he/she will be able to use the code that’s generated by their parent to register for their course.  Once they have registered, they will see the course pop-up in their dashboard.


Standard Deviants Accelerate Online supplemental learning #homeschool #education @SDAccelerate


Once they choose their course, This is what they will see.  This is the US History Course.


Standard Deviants Accelerate @SDAccelerate for supplemental online learning #homeschool


They will be introduced to the subject with a video.  In the box below, he/she will be able to take notes through the video.  Of course, the video can be paused if necessary.  The text that is written can be either saved to their locker or printed right away.  Then, there is a vocabulary list.  They can hear the words and meanings.  You can take these words and create activities yourself.  They will need to know the definitions for further activities on the computer as well.  The next tab has a diagram that needs to be filled out.  The next tab is a quiz – which is based on the video and vocabulary words.  Then the final tab holds essay questions for them to think about.  They would write right in the screen . Again, they can save the answers to their locker or print them out right away.

Each subject is pretty similar in its layout.


Notes about Standard Deviants Accelerate

As stated before.  This program is NOT meant to be a full homeschool course load for the year.  It’s meant as supplemental learning.  As such, it’s priced per student per subject at $24.95 per month or $99 per year.  If you have multiple children or need multiple subjects, I would recommend contacting Standard Deviants Accelerate and discussing your individual needs.

With that said, They have a special offer for Homeschoolers…


Receive 2 Months Free for Unlimited Students and Courses


The price.  The yearly price I think is reasonable.  $100 a year.  I suppose it makes sense for one student – and one subject.  Maybe.  $24.95/ month – seems extreme.  I am just talking from personal perspective here, but as a single income household – with four kids/6 people to feed.  I’m not paying $24.95 a month for anything.  I hate monthly fees.  I guess what I’m saying is, it’s much better to pay the yearly.  It just makes more sense, unless there is only one area that your child needs help in.

They are price competitive to other available supplemental programs.

I don’t know, the monthly fee seems expensive for just one subject.

Just as a note, each course is a full year.  Depending upon your child’s needs, you can pay for the month – and just use the bits and pieces that he/she needs, or pay for a year, and use the full course!  It’s your option, and it’s nice that Standard Deviants Accelerate supports homeschool parents and their budgets.

In my opinion, the program is a bit clunky.  I don’t like that you can’t use the student and teacher section interdependently – without having to log out and re-log in.  It’s a small annoyance.  But any program that I have reviewed is also this way.  I wish they would figure out a way to change this.

I also do not like the code generation feature.  I don’t really don’t see a purpose.  It’s just one extra step that can be potentially messed up and missed.  Why just not sign your child up for a class, and it automatically show up on their dashboard when they log in?  You have to write the code down (and it’s just a jumbled letters and numbers that don’t make sense) if you child isn’t logging in right away.  It’s just an extra added step.  In my opinion, the less steps the better.  Plus, I think it makes the program more complicated for  user.  I don’t know if you are like me, but as a homeschool mom, I need it easy.  The easier the better.  The extra steps are chores.

Just saying.

Don’t expect to sit your child in front of the computer and do your chores.  You will still be doing your other subjects during your homeschool day.  However, you can play with the program a bit.  You can design book reports and activities around the subject areas.  For example, the US History.  Have them take a piece that they were really interested in, and do some notebooking.  There is a notebooking pages freebie on the Educents website available now!  Yes, its Black History Month – but really, it can be used for anything.  They pages don’t have any special icons or pictures so, in my opinion – a free for all.  You can use them for presidents, or events, or whatever.


Black History Month #freebie @educents

Why not?  It would be a way to learn some very cool information using Standard Deviants Accelerate, and then take it off the computer and create some real – practical knowledge.  Your child would work on researching skills, notebooking and just developing a deeper interest in a subject area.

You can get that freebie here.

Being a supplemental program, you are not locked in.  There are many ways you can use it.  If you child likes online learning (which isn’t for everyone) I think this is a good – price competitive option.


Do you use online learning in your homeschool?  What do you like/dislike about it?

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