TAKE ACTION: Anti-Trump Administration Online Resources

Anti-Trump online resources #dumptrump #fasicism

 Oppression is a two-way street.  They can’t oppress if we don’t allow it.

 They can’t send us to the back of the bus if we don’t willingly get up and walk to the back of the bus.  They can’t invade our privacy, our bodies or our minds if we don’t allow them in.

We have a choice.

The way we display our dismay is by taking action.  I have put together some resources to do just that.  I use all of these resources daily.  As I find more, I will add to this list.


Anti-Trump Resources Online

NARAL Pro-Choice America – Protect Women’s right to choose.

Trust Women Yard Signs

Join us – Women’s March on Washington

Say “NO” to a nationwide 6-week abortion ban


Call your Senator and keep them accountable for protecting your rights – This link will put you through to your representatives


CREDO Action

Make Trump release his tax returns – What is he trying to hide?

Make Trump disclose and Divest 

Tell the US Senate: Oppose and resist anti-worker Puzder for Labor Secretary

Don’t allow a climate denier to run the EPA.  Block the confirmation of Scott Pruitt

Tell the Senate to deny climate-denying, Putin-loving – Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State


Keep Trump’s Fingers off the button: Take nuclear missiles off the Hair-Trigger Alert

Tell Trump to act on Climate change

Steve Bannon’s racist, anti-Semitic, and Misogynistic don’t belong in the White House

TAKE ACTION: Stop the bill tht pulls US out of NATO.  Call your representative today

Don’t allow Scott Pruitt to dismantle the EPA


Black Lives Matter

Hold Police accountable for murdering unarmed citizens

What resources have you used that I could add to this list?

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  1. This is a great resource. Thank you Lisa! Sharing on Twitter right now!

  2. I do not take for granted that we live in a country where we can voice our opinions, popular or unpopular. I am going to choose to be cautiously optimistic about the next 4 years in the hopes that this man, who is so unlikable on a personal level, may rise to the occasion and make responsible choices during his presidency. If he should begin to behave like a dictator or “rule” in a way that violates my beliefs, I plan to speak up. It’s so nice to know what those resources are, so many thanks for making them known.
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