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School is (almost) out for summer! Which means that everyone from your little ones to the teachers, caretakers and lunch ladies are ready for a well earned break. I think it’s fair to say that teachers work incredibly hard throughout the year to ensure that our children are learning to the best of their ability, that they’re not getting left behind and that they’re getting the very best start in life. It’s not a career – it’s a vocation! So, it’s not uncommon for teachers to be shown a little appreciation on the last few days of school.

Gifts for teachers are becoming increasingly popular, but with around 30 other children buying gifts and wanting to say, “thank you”, it can be difficult to know what to purchase. Here I’ve come up with 4 of my favorite teacher appreciation gifts and don’t worry – you won’t need to spend any gold dollar coins – they’re all budget friendly.

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Keep them hydrated

We all need to drink more water but being a teacher and being up on your feet all day, rushing from task to task and barely getting enough time to catch your breath often means that their own hydration needs are neglected! Make drinking enough water or juice a little easier for them and treat them to a stylish, cute or pretty reusable water bottle. Alternatively if you want something a little more personal, you could purchase a bottle or reusable cup that you can have a thoughtful or personal message of thanks printed on. They’ll love it!


Something to help them relax

Being a teacher doesn’t mean that you simply finish at 3pm and then head home. Teachers bring their planning and project ideas home routinely. They don’t get a break when the kids do! So, how about a gift they can enjoy for when they finally put down that pen? Fizzing bath bombs, bath salts, bath fizzers and even a face mask are the perfect treat. You could have a go at making your own, head online or visit the high street. Opt for products made from natural ingredients!


A movie night pack

Again, the perfect gift for them to enjoy when they finally get a break. Put together a movie pack that contains items such as a bag of sweet/salted popcorn, sweets, chocolate and maybe even a bottle of wine! In addition, consider purchasing voucher from a streaming service for a movie of their choice so they can enjoy it as and when.


Something super personal

What could be better than putting pen to paper – or typing – and getting your child to write their teacher a letter expressing their thanks for a wonderful year and how much they’ve helped them grow and advance this academic year. This is something that your teacher will cherish forever. Send a copy of this letter to your principal, which they can keep on your teachers file, then if they want to advance in their career or change schools, they can have it in their portfolio.
What have you given your children’s teachers in the past?

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