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I am NOT a supporter of the Common Core initiative.  I think we are going in the wrong direction.  It’s wrong for our children and wrong for our country.

However, this is not what this post is about. For many of our children, Common Core is a reality (for now at least).  It has been adopted by 45 states plus the District of Columbia (sigh), and it is a system our children will have to get through and thrive.   Testingmom.com is an online program created to help our children do just that. Thrive – and thrive they will under an unnecessary and unfair system of aligned curriculum, testing, competition and comparisons.   To help our children succeed under Common Core, Testingmom.com has put together a thorough online program.  Go to Testingmom.com and see what one of the co-creators has to say.  I think it’s a great starting point.  I thoroughly enjoyed this video, and thought it brought everything into perspective (for me at least).

Once I watched the video, and logged in, I went to the Overviews and Strategies Tab.  Make sure bubble number 1 is clicked (for me it started on bubble 4).  Read through all that information.  It’s worth the time.  It’s good information on what Testingmom.com is about.  It talks a lot about how the tests are scaled and about how the scores are used to evaluate the success or failure of your child (nice eh?). 

Under bubble 5 – there are some really phenomenal tips on how to prepare your child.  This 5-step parent lesson is really nicely done and worth the time.

After you read the parent lessons, there are a variety of print your own practice tests (with answer keys) and online games.

Practice Tests

Just a note that these are in beta mode, and not perfect.  You might see some mistakes.  If you do see a mistake (as I did), you can easily send an email and report it.  It’s still pretty new.  For us, I just told my son that we was correct and we went on to the next question.

If you try one of the Common Core and State Tests, they give you guidelines so that you can duplicate test conditions.

Online Games

Online games are nice.  They are core aligned and a way to develop and reinforce skills in a non-testing environment.  They help your child develop the skills necessary to be successful.

Just as a note. If your child gets a question incorrect, the program does not teach the correct answer. The parent has to review the concept to ensure understanding.

Other Resources Available to Enhance our Children

When you log into Testingmom.com, you will see a many of resources on the right for all ages – all activities aligned with Common Core Standards.

A note: If the student gets the answer incorrect, the program doesn’t teach the concept. The parent will have to step in to review the question with their child.

Miss Humbelbee’s Academy for Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten readiness resources which will help your child prepare for school.

Scholastic BookFlix

Offers books, stories, games, on subjects, such as; Geography, History, Fauna, and more!  The kid can read the books online, listen to the story and then answer questions on facts learned in the book.

You can even meet the author!


Learn With Garfield

Your child will  learn life skills, such as; cyber bullying, diversity, charity, online safety and more.  This is all done with Garfield, a fun-loving  orange cat who loves to eat!

Brain Pop

Brain Pop is excellent.  There you can find all sorts of lesson plans about famous authors, science,  social studies, history where factual information is presented in fun videos.  They offer Brain pop (4-8th grade) and Brain Pop Jr. (K-3rd grade).  In science, we learned about acids and bases, cells, and more!  The videos are done so that they are easily understandable – and always alight with Common Core.  In science, they give you ideas for science fair projects as well!

World Book Science Power

Here you can find your lessons by subject, or state standards for your child’s grade level.  Here you can learn about animal behavior, ecosystems, matter, energy, weather and the earth.


Testingmom.com does have a variety of excellent resources to help your child to stay ahead and give them great preparation to succeed.  I have always being a 100% supporter of parents taking the lead role in their child’s education.  Now we need to step-up.  What they learn in school is not enough.  They must know certain things and become successful test-takers.  A lot of important decisions and judgements are based on how these very young children perform sitting in a stale room for a few hours on a particular day.   Testingmom.com has put the framework together, and now we need to do the hard work.  We need to help our children succeed with their self-esteem and confidence intact.

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  1. Lisa, thanks for this information. I expect there to be a lot more resources like this. As a homeschooling mom also, I wonder about changes that will be made to Stanford Achievement testing as a result. I have my kids tested in 6th grade. Thanks for commenting at Psychowith6!
    Melanie Wilson recently posted…Week 8: The Confident Parent ChallengeMy Profile

    • Hey Melanie,

      I am not sure there will be a Stanford Achievement test. When I tried out some of the different sample tests, there wasn’t one on there, but who knows. It might be the same, but they might change it, or name it something else.

      When you look at the tests, they are completely different. They want you to show your work. Some of them, I’m like – what do they want to show? I guess there is a particular way they want you to solve the problems.

      I don’t know. I just don’t know.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Lisa recently posted…Homeschool Link-up Week 23My Profile

  2. it really is scary how a bunch of people (most who have never been in a classroom) can change the education system …it;s really crazy here. Now this is a great resource, I am going to have to look into this for both school and Dino.
    karen recently posted…Because I Love You, That’s WhyMy Profile

    • It really is, Karen. It’s scary – because it doesn’t affect them. Our kids are the one’s suffering. Something must be done to stop it, but I’m not sure what.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. I need to get to your blog. Another week gone by, and nothing. Sorry bout that.
      Lisa recently posted…Homeschool Link-up Week 23My Profile

  3. I was just having a Common Core discussion with a friend tonight. Her comment was that she feels sorry for children these days. I wish there was a better answer than Common Core. Yuck. I’m glad that there are sites to help parents support their children through this quagmire, I just wish it wasn’t necessary. Thanks for introducing us to this helpful site.
    Elizabeth recently posted…Five Signs You’ve Mastered Mom Stealth ModeMy Profile

    • Yeah, it’s pretty bad. I’m not sure why they thought this would help more kids into college. I think it might prove to do just the opposite. I think more and more people are realizing that. Teachers are flabbergasted and exhausted. Students are tired. Politicians on both the left and the right are coming out against it. Between me and you, it’s pretty scary when politicians from opposite sides agree, kwim? That’s serious.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!
      Lisa recently posted…Homeschool Link-up Week 23My Profile

  4. Lisa, I agree with you, it’s not right for our children. At least for the ones that have to be in a public school system including my own son. I too, do NOT like the Common Core, but its something that we have to deal with. 🙁 I kindly thank you for for this post, and your wonderful insight. It gives me a bit of hope, that I will be able to help my 5 yr. old succeed in school. I’ll be looking into it. ¡Gracias amiga!
    Frances recently posted…Worldwide Cultural Swap from ScotlandMy Profile

  5. I’m still trying to understand the US system so these look like great resources for me to have a better understanding of the teaching here and how I can help as a parent.
    Kriss MacDonald recently posted…Nature’s caretakersMy Profile

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