The Benefits of Reading Aloud to your Children

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The Benefits of Reading Aloud

Literacy is currently a widespread issue in our country: the Literacy Project Foundation reports that in research on literacy among 20 “high income” countries, the United States only ranked twelfth. Unfortunately, children’s literacy in particular is becoming a huge problem–a problem that national foundations are constantly striving to correct.

Fortunately, there is a very simple way that you can help form a strong base for your own child’s literacy: reading aloud. Let’s take a closer look at exactly how reading aloud to your child will improve his or her reading and writing skills!


Why is Reading Aloud So Important?

Expert and author Jim Trelease explains, “It’s long established in science and research: the child who comes to school with a large vocabulary does better than the child who comes to school with little familiarity with words and a low vocabulary, [and] children who are spoken to and read to most often are the ones with the largest vocabularies.”

Essentially, when you read aloud frequently to your child, he or she is exposed to a wide variety of words, as well as a wide variety of types of words–both simple and difficult. The more often your child hears these new words, the more confident he or she will be in using them and in learning additional new words at school.


What are Some Specific Benefits of Reading Aloud?

There are quite a few specific advantages for children who are frequently read to. For starters, not only does it build a child’s vocabulary, but it also helps instill a sense of proper grammar and sentence structure, thus forming a foundation of strong speaking and writing skills. It’s important that parents speak with their young children often, but we don’t always use fully proper grammar in spoken conversation. When you read books aloud to your child, you’re reading words that are in complete sentences with typically more varied words and sentence structures.

Reading aloud to your child also helps by teaching them how the written word works. When you read to your child, follow along each sentence with your finger, pointing at each word as you read it. Not only will this help your child connect each word with its meaning, but it will also show your child the simple fact that when you read, you read left-to-right.

Another benefit of reading aloud with your children, according to, is improved reading comprehension. When you read a book with your child, you are able to pause throughout the story and ask your child questions: why do you think this character is doing this? How do you think these characters feel? What do you think will happen next? Does this remind you of any other stories we’ve read? Asking questions like these will help your child understand and absorb what is happening in the text and help him or her get used to comprehending and thinking about what he or she is reading. This will also help your child develop text analysis skills that will come in handy as he or she progresses throughout school.


Start Working With Your Child Today!

The experts at say that reading just 15 minutes with your young child, preferably starting even before he or she turns one year old, is enough to make a huge difference and start instilling these crucial literacy skills. Start reading aloud with your child today!


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