The Best Flooring for Families

When you have littles, like I do, you think about things like the floor.  It’s funny how something so small as a floor matters.

It’s not small, believe me.

When you have kids, all kinds of things can happen.  Vomit, poop, pee, spills, art, and it goes on and on and on.  If kids do nothing, they surprise you every single day.  Things that I would never imagined, have happened to our floor.  If you have a cat or dog, the surprises compound 4-fold!

Then you have the kids with allergies, which makes some flooring options impossible.

So the choices in your flooring, become very important.  Very important, indeed.

For us, we absolutely cannot have carpet, because of Hadyn’s allergies.  Plus, with kids, carpet is really difficult to keep clean.  While disgusting, you can clean vomit off hard wood or laminate fairly easily, carpet, which holds onto stains and smells, is a lot more problematic.

So what are the best flooring options?

In my opinion, laminate and vinyl are the best when you have kids.  They are easy to clean (crayon and marker come off nicely), they are less expensive than real hardwood, come in a variety of options to fit any room.

For example, I love the look of hardwood, but it’s not economically realistic for us.

Check out these options in vinyl.


There are different colors, styles, and even plank sizes.  It gives any room an extremely elegant, hardwood look, for just a fraction of the cost, and not a lot of upkeep.

I’m thinking of the year our Christmas Tree stand leaked all over our hardwood floor.  With Vinyl or laminate, it would have been an easy fix.  With hardwood, it became a nightmare, and an investment – with replacing planks, sanding, refinishing, and re-staining.  And you just can’t fix the spot, it was the entire floor.

Hardwood would show any dent and nick, while our vinyl stands up to the time, and to the kids!


Different Styles

Maybe hardwood is not the look and feel you’re going for.  Or maybe you want to redo your bathroom or kitchen.

That’s the great thing about vinyl or laminate, you can choose any style.  They have very nice marble and stone that will create the look and feel you are going for, economically.




Vinyl or Laminate?

An economical choice for families is always important.  While real hardwood, bamboo, cork and the like, would be great, it’s impractical for many families.  This is why I suggest wood or laminate flooring.

Despite the versatility and durability of vinyl, Vinyl floors bearing the flooring industry’s FloorScore certification emit relatively low levels of volatile organic compounds.  These compounds are linked to respiratory illnesses and cause dizziness and headaches.  There are some groups, including the nonprofit Center for Health, Environment & Justice, that advise against buying any vinyl flooring, particularly for homes with small children, citing vinyl’s lead and phthalate risks.

Laminate is always a good bet when you have children, and they come in so many different styles, that it’s easy to find the perfect option for every room!

For an abundance of flooring options, check out Lifestyle Flooring UK.

What type of flooring do you have in your house?

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